Lien Khuong Airport is the main airport in Da Lat City. Foreign visitors who wanted an easy way to enter Da Lat should fly directly to Lien Khuong Airport.

Vietnam is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Asia these days so it’s not surprising to know that thousands of tourists would send in their visa applications every single day. To avoid any delays, it is highly advised that you send in your application at least two weeks prior to your trip.

When applying for the Vietnam landing visa in Lien Khuong Airport, you will be asked to choose from a single entry visa or multiple entry visas. You also need to choose whether you need a 30-day or 90-day validity.

To give you an idea of how to get the Vietnam landing visa, refer to the steps below. Go to the official website of the Vietnam Immigration and fill out the visa application form.

👉 Passport – It must have a validity of a minimum of 6 months from entering the country with at least two blank pages. 👉 Photos – A Passport Sized photograph with a white background of size 4×6.

Here are the steps on how to apply for the visa on arrival for your trip to Da Lat. First, register online.

Aside from the pre-approval letter, there are other requirements that you need to give at the Visa Landing counter and get your visa. So here’s a list of the requirements needed for your Vietnam visa on arrival via Lien Khuong Airport: Pre-approval letter – the letter is the most important requirement that you need to submit

If you’re planning to visit the beautiful city of Da Lat, then you should take a direct flight to Lien Khuong International Airport. This is the biggest airport in the Province of Lam Dong, which is located in the Central Highlands region of Vietnam.

If you’re going to Dalat for your holiday, you may want to consider flying to the city directly. Since Dalat is becoming one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations, the city’s main airport, Lien Khuong Airport, is now accepting several International flights.

The Lien Khuong International Airport is located only about 30km south of the Da Lat City Centre. It serves almost all the regional airlines that connect Da lat with Hanoi, Hue, Da Nang, Ho Chi Minh and Hai Phong.

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