If you are thinking of extending your stay in Thu Dau Mot City and would like to get your visa extended to cover your stay, then you can go online to process this. There are websites that assist foreigners with their visa extensions.

Those who wish to extend their stay in Thu Dau Mot City should make sure that their visa’s validity would be able to cover the entire length of their stay. Remember, using an expired visa is against the law.

There are plenty of interesting things to do in the lovely city of Thu Dau Mot City. Located in the humble province of Bình Dương, Thu Dau Mot is home to historical monuments and traditional villages.

If you’re currently in Thu Dau Mot City and you’re interested to extend your stay even further, you have the option to renew your Vietnamese visa. When you renew your visa, you will be given a new visa that you can use to continue your stay in Thu Dau Mot City.

For most foreigners, a 30-day visit to Vietnam is just not enough. This is why they will have to get their visas extended.