Are you a Danish citizen planning a trip to Vietnam? Navigating the e-visa application process can be daunting, especially when faced with the uncertainty of whether your application will be approved. The Vietnamese government evaluates each application based on its own set of rules, which may leave applicants feeling anxious about the outcome.

If you’re a citizen of Denmark planning a trip to Vietnam, it’s important to familiarize yourself with the e-visa fee and application process. In this article, we will provide you with all the necessary information about the Vietnam e-visa fee for Danish citizens, as well as options to ensure a hassle-free and successful application process.

If you’re a citizen of Denmark planning to visit Vietnam, you’ll be pleased to know that applying for a visa has never been easier. Thanks to the Vietnam e-visa system, you can now skip the hassle of visiting the Vietnamese embassy or consulate and apply for your visa online.

In a groundbreaking move, the Vietnamese government has announced an exciting update for citizens of Denmark. Starting from August 15, 2023, Danish travelers can now apply for a 90-day e-visa to visit Vietnam.

From March 2020, in the midst of the coronavirus outbreak, Vietnam has decided to temporarily stop issuing visas to all foreign visitors, including citizens of Denmark. This is due to the growing concerns of the rapid spread of Covid 19 that has taken the lives of thousands of people around the world.

Do Danish citizens require to make visa application for Vietnam? Vietnam offers 15 days visa-free for Danish citizens In case of staying in Vietnam for more than 15 days, Danish passport holders are required to make visa application for visiting Vietnam Options for citizens of Denmark getting a visa for Vietnam: Application For Visa At

You’d be glad to know that there is not a lot of requirements that you need to comply with when applying for the e-visa. Denmark nationals who wish to apply for the Vietnam e-visa should prepare the following: Passport – you should have your Denmark passport ready.

The Vietnam e-visa is basically an online version of the Vietnam visa. But instead of going through the traditional process of applying from a Vietnam embassy, this visa will simply require you to go online.

There are quite a few things that Danish citizens need to provide when you apply for the Vietnam e-visa. Danish Passport: Danish citizen who is applying for e-visa must have their passport ready that needs to be valid for a period of 6 months after they enter the country.

Citizens of Denmark won’t need a visa if staying for fewer than 15 days. Vietnam visa waiver program Citizens of Denmark are advised to apply for a visa if intending to stay for more than 15 days.

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