November 3, 2020
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[Tan Son Nhat Airport] VIP Fast Track Immigration and Hotel Transfer: How To Book?

The Ho Chi Minh City, formerly called Saigon, is one of Vietnam’s most popular tourist destinations. It’s rich in culture and history, and home to various historical and religious sights. Ho Chi Minh is also the financial hub of Vietnam. It’s home to some of the biggest companies in Vietnam and several international companies have their offices here. Whether you are traveling for tourism or for business to Ho Chi Minh, you will most likely be arriving at the Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN), one of the busiest airports in the country. Thus, using the VIP Fast Track Immigration Service at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) is highly recommended.

Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)

The Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) is the largest international airport in Vietnam. It’s about 6 kilometers away from the center of Ho Chi Minh. Every day, thousands of passengers would arrive at this airport coming from different countries. So it’s not surprising why this airport is considered one of the busiest airports in Vietnam.

Tan Son Nhat Airport is equipped with all modern facilities similar to the other international airports in the country. It also has an immigration counter where foreign tourists can claim their Vietnam visas. But because the airport is so busy, it will sometimes take a long time before you can get your visa. If you want to avoid the hassles, you should consider using the services of the Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) VIP Fast Track Immigration.

Use the VIP Fast Track Service at Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN)

If you want to be able to get out of Tan Son Nhat airport fast, you should use the VIP Fast Track Service. They can fast track the processing of your visa on arrival so you don’t have to queue for a long time. You will be passing through a dedicated fast track lane so you will not have to go with the crowd.

As the name suggests, you will be treated like a VIP if you will use the VIP Fast Track Service at Tan Son Nhat International Airport. There will be an agent who will come to meet you as your disembark from the plane. You will then be directed to the immigration counter, passport control, luggage counter, until such time that you exit out of the airport terminal and into your waiting car. 

Hotel Transfer Services

It’s a good idea to hire a hotel transfer service in advance before you fly into Ho Chi Minh. Thankfully, the Tan Son Nhat International Airport VIP Fast Track can help you with this. They can arrange a transport vehicle ahead of your trip. So when you arrive at the airport, the driver will be waiting for you at the airport. You do not need to go through the hassles of hiring a taxi and negotiating the price, which can be a challenge since you don’t speak the local language.

Depending on the number of people that will be traveling with you, they can provide a vehicle that can comfortably accommodate your group. The drivers are professional and speak English, and will make sure to bring you safely to your hotel. You can also request a round trip hotel transfer, so you will be sent to the airport at the end of your trip. This service is very useful to those who have a very early flight.

How to Book the VIP Fast Airport Fast Track Service

If you are planning to go to Ho Chi Minh soon and you wanted to use the VIP Fast Track Service at Tan Son Nhat International Airport, all you need to do is to go online and visit their website. You will find an option on their website to book the service that you need. And if you have any questions before you make a booking, simply chat with them or send them an email.

When you make a booking, make sure that you fill out the form completely. Provide your complete name, passport number, and other important details. You will also be required to provide details about your flight. Provide the date, time, and flight number. That way, the agent who will be assigned to meet you can monitor your flight.

If you need to avail of other services such as the hotel transfer service, don’t forget to inform them about this. They will arrange the vehicle for you in advance and will make sure that the driver will be there to pick you up. The goal of Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN) VIP Fast Track Immigration is to make your journey to Ho Chi Minh as seamless as possible. So if you have any special requests, don’t hesitate to inform them about this.

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