December 1, 2020
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The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam Issues Permits for Flights that Include Isolation Package

Vietnam’s Civil Aviation Administration has recently revealed that they are issuing permits for international flights that already include the isolation package. Traveling to Vietnam these days would require isolation of 14 days upon arrival in the country. If you will avail of the isolation package that Civil Aviation is offering, you will no longer need to worry about booking accommodation for your quarantine.

With the consent of Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport, along with the other agencies and localities, the Civil Aviation Authority of Vietnam has been issuing international flight permits for flights operated by Vietnam Airlines.

Flights to Bring Vietnamese Citizens Home

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has arranged two flights to take citizens back home. Vietnamese citizens can avail of these flights through package fee payment. There are two flights that will be arranged under this scheme. These are the details of these flights:

  • November 20 – Seoul to Da Nang, Flight VN417
  • November 23 – Seoul to Van Don, Flight VN417

Quarantine on Arrival

For the flight that arrived in Da Nang on November 23rd, the Aviation Department has revealed that the flight was authorized to fly on the evening of November 19 after the Civil Aviation sent a written consent to undergo quarantine in Da Nang. From this flight, 224 guests were taken to quarantine on two designated hotels, namely the Quoc Thien Hotel and Hemera Hotel.

As for the flight that landed in Van Don on November 23rd, there were a total of 308 guests that were taken to their designated hotels for quarantine. These hotels are Thanh Suoi Mo and Muong.

All passengers from both flights were taken to their respective quarantine facilities with no issues.

Cost of Package Price

According to the Aviation Department, the package price for the combination of air ticket and quarantine will vary. The package already includes the cost of quarantine for a total of 14 nights and will take place in a 3-star or 4-star hotel in Vietnam. This also includes the cost of transportation from the airport to the hotel, as well as all the meals that will be served during the entire duration of the quarantine. The other things that the package includes are room service, medical waste treatment, sterilization spray, and other services for quarantine.

Hotels for Quarantine

The use of 3-star or 4-star hotels as quarantine facilities is in accordance with the local requirements. Among the requirements is that the hotels should have more than a hundred rooms each and are able to provide a concentrated isolation facility for large groups of tourists. They should also have the ability to prevent the gathering of people that could possibly spread the virus. Above all the hotel management should not have to go through difficulties in the monitoring of the guests and in managing the spread of the disease.

The Aviation Administration has further revealed that the cost of the airline ticket in this combo package isn’t much different from the cost of the airline ticket before the Covid-19 pandemic started. They explained that the news that says the cost of the ticket is about 1.5 to 2 times the regular fare is just not true at all. This is wrong information coming from unofficial sources.

Indeed, the citizens who availed of the two flights mentioned above have confirmed that the fares they paid were not that expensive compared to the regular fares. If there are any differences in the rate, that may be due to the value of the foreign currency.

Transfer Quarantine Points to Thanh Hoa To Reduce Cost

The Civil Aviation Administration of Vietnam has stated that there are not enough 3-star hotels in Quang Ninh that have at least 100 rooms. The demand for isolation hotels is so high and there’s not enough to meet such demand. As such, the organizers have to look for other options for isolation. This includes using higher standard hotels, such as 4 and 5-star hotels. Understandably, this will increase the cost that the passengers will pay.

Vietnam Airlines has worked with the organizers in arranging for additional quarantine facilities in Thanh Hoa Province. The quarantine flights for Than Hoa have also been adjusted since there are not enough quarantine facilities. Some flights are scheduled to land at Noi Bai International Airport instead of Van Don.

The local authorities of the province of Than Hoa have agreed on this arrangement. They have also coordinated with the Department of Health of Hanoi as well as the Hanoi CDC to facilitate the transfer of these passengers.

The Civil Aviation Department has further revealed that there are two flights whose landing points have been moved to Noi Bai from Van Don. The passengers of both of these flights were taken to Sam Son FLC (Thanh Hoa) for isolation.

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