January 25, 2020
Meet and Greet

Thing to Known about Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet

To avoid the long queue at the Vietnam airport for getting your visa stamp is a kind of dream for a traveller. As nobody wants to wait for hours to get the visa stamp on their passport after a long and tiring flight.

But the fact is you have to wait in a long line at the land visa counter because you cannot enter the country without getting your visa stamp. The condition becomes essential when you are travelling via air with Vietnam visa on arrival.

But relax as you can avoid the whole scenario which we have discussed above with the Cam Ranh airport meet and greet service. You must have heard about the same I believe. But if you are not known, what the service is and how it wills going to help you. Then follow the lead here below. We will discuss in detail the need and benefits of availing the meet and greet airport service.

What are the meet and greet service?

The service involves s third party assistance help which is provided to the travellers at the airport. It implies that whenever the person who has opted the service arrives at the Cam Ranh airport. Then the service staff will handle or assist them in completing their immigration formalities hassle-free.

In the case, they have opted the VIP service. Then the staff will also assist them in the baggage control, the car picks up, hotel assistance and more too.

The staff will work on the traveller’s behalf and process the visa stamp within no time. Where in normal they may have to go through a lengthy procedure. It involves a long queue for hours to wait for their turn at the land visa control centre at the airport.

Further, the service is not an essential or mandatory one; the travellers can opt if they may wish so.You have to pay the extra charges for opting the service. No matter it may help in relieving your stress at the airport. But if it does not suit your pocket, then you should not opt the same.

In case, you want to select the service than at the time you apply for your Visa on arrival application then click on the service option at the agent official website.

Further, you have to confirm your arrival details and other required things at least 48 hours before arriving at the airport.

The need of Vietnam meet and greet Fast Track service

Solace is the essential inspiration driving why pioneers would use the Vietnam Immigration Fast Track in Cam Ranh Airport. It’s such an issue to keep it together in line for an impressive time allotment for your Visa. This could be critical all the more puzzling in the case that you arrived around night time beginning from a long and tiring flight.

Cam Ranh Airport is presumably the busiest air terminal in the country. For the situation that you have to avoid the long line, at that point, Fast Track Service is the service to choose.

The Vietnam Immigration meet and greet service in Cam Ranh Airport moreover gives flight organizations. This is outstandingly important for explorers who are in a race to get their flight home. With this organization, a pro will be holding on for you as you land at the departure terminal.

The individual will by then, help you towards the registration counter so you can without much of a stretch registration for your flight. Along these lines, they will assist you with going through the immigration process to finish the customs. By then, you will be taken to a holding up loosen up where you can sit and unwind at the parlor for your next flight

Notwithstanding the above mentioned, it is recommendable assistance for the people as:

  • Buzzy Businessmen’s or experts visiting Vietnam for business reason
  • Elders, pregnant ladies’ and people with newborn children who ought to control from remaining in the lines.
  • Or any other person who wouldn’t like to burn through their time holding up at the air terminal.

Different kinds of meet and greet service

Meet and greet service suggests processing your Visa rapidly. Simultaneously, you have an alternative to choose the sort of meet and greet service you will require. It is because there are two kinds of meet and greet visa services accessible for you to pick, for example,

  • Standard meet and greet service
  • VIP meet and greet service

While both the service offers a speedy visa and passport control services at the air terminal. Where in the case that you select the VIP service, you will get some extra services, for example,

  • Car pickup service
  • VIP relax service
  • Hotel help service
  • Departure service
  • Baggage doorman service

In this way, the VIP meet and greet service will offer you to feel like a big name at the air terminal as you can unwind while the service staff will finish your visa migration and different things.


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All of us know how important a visa is to enter a foreign country but to get the visa it might take a long time. That is why the Vietnam immigration fast track in Cam Ranh Airport services is there to help you to get the visa when you are traveling to Vietnam.

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