October 21, 2019
Visa tips

United Arab Emirates (UAE) citizens can get a Visa to Vietnam easily

Most of customers email us to ask whether they can get a Visa to Vietnam or not? Now we are so happy to inform that People from United Arab Emirates can get a Visa to Vietnam for sure.

Because United Arab Emirates is in the list of difficult country which is hard to apply Vietnam Visa, therefore It is a little more difficult to arrange a Visa to Vietnam for people from United Arab Emirates. But, please do not worry, we are sure, we can arrange Vietnam Visa for United Arab Emirates passport holders.

To process Vietnam Visa for people from United Arab Emirates (UAE), we need:

– The scan of passport (in colour).

– Air ticket reservation

– Hotel reservation for your trip.

Sometimes we also need your schedule. *

When we receive these documents from you, we will check and then we will confirm the price and time duration for processing your Visa.

Normaly, the time duration for processing is within 4 – 9 working days. (If you need it is done  in 1-4 days, we can help you for this).

If you have a plan to come to Vietnam, please send these documents above to our email info@vietnamimmigration.org. We will help you to arrange Vietnam Visa.

Notes: You will get Vietnam Visa at Vietnam airport – Visa on arrival. And 1 month single entry is most applied for these case.

Any question, please feel free to contact us.

We work 24/7 

Email: info@vietnamimmigration.org