November 16, 2019
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Vietnam Airport Fast Track Service

When planning a trip to Vietnam, one of the things that you need to prepare is your visa. Without a proper visa, you won’t be allowed to enter the country and this can surely spoil your holiday. Thankfully, the Vietnam airport fast track can help you with this. They are dedicated to helping foreign visitors in passing through Vietnam airports with ease and have a hassle-free holiday to the country. But what is this service is all about and how you can benefit from it? Read on to find out.

What is the Fast Track Service?

The Vietnam airport fast track services help guests to get out of the airport fast, which is very useful for when you are entering Vietnam from one of its busy airports. Vietnam is a fast-growing tourist destination so you can expect thousands of tourists to be using its airports every single day.

If you will use the Fast Track Service, you can avoid the long line in getting a Vietnam visa. Some staff will be welcoming you as you arrive in the country. He or she will be holding a banner with your name. As you approach the staff, you will be assisted towards the visa counter where you can fill out a form for your visa. The staff will assist you during the entire process so everything will be a breeze. In only a few minutes, you will get a visa stamp in your passport and you can then pass through immigration and enter the country.

The Vietnam Airport Fast Track service is currently being offered at three of the major airports in Vietnam, such as the airports in Hanoi, Ho Chi Minh, and Da Nang. They might have this service available to several other Vietnam airports in the future.

What Are the Services that the Fast Track Service Can Provide?

With the Vietnam Airport Fast Track Service, there will be two types of services that you can avail:

  • Normal Service – also known as the standard service, this type of service will assist visitors in applying for their Visa on Arrival at the airport without the need to queue. This is very useful if you will arrive late at night and you don’t want to line up for hours just to get your Vietnam visa sorted.
  • VIP Service – you can also opt for the VIP Service, also known as the CIP Service. With this type of Fast Track Service, someone will assist you to get your visa fast while bypassing the queue at the counter. But on top of the visa assistance, those who will avail of the VIP Service will also be escorted at the airport when passing through the VIP or CIP gate. Thus, you can get out of the airport fast and not have to line up at passport control.

Why Should You Book the Fast Track Service?

Vietnam is a great holiday destination, which is why the country welcomes thousands of foreign visitors every single day. Now if you happen to arrive at about the same time as these thousands of visitors, you can expect to get stuck for hours while lining up for your visa at the visa counter. If you want to save time as you pass by the airports of Vietnam, then you should take advantage of the Vietnam Airport Fast Track Service.

Although everyone can greatly benefit from the Vietnam Airport Fast Track Service, these are the people that can benefit the most:

  • Those who are visiting Vietnam for the first time.
  • Businessmen who need to catch an important meeting or event and need to get out of the airport fast.
  • Families and friends who are traveling in a big group.
  • Pregnant women and those who have small kids in tow.
  • Persons with disabilities.

How Does the Vietnam Airport Fast Track Works?

If you want to avail of the Fast Track Services, you just need to send in a request through email and mention the type of service that you want. You will then receive an email confirming your booking.

All you need to do is to fly to Vietnam and look for the staff of the Vietnam Airport Fast Track Service. After meeting the staff who will assist you, provide your requirements. These include the Visa Approval Letter, your passport, 2 photos, and payment for the stamping fee. The staff will process the visa on your behalf. You just need to sit down and relax.

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After only a few minutes, the staff will return with your passport that has a Vietnam visa stamped on it.  If you availed of the VIP service, the staff will then guide you towards passport control so you can exit out of the airport and enter Vietnam for your holiday.

So if you’re planning to visit Vietnam soon, you should book the Vietnam Airport Fast Track Service now!


Vietnam Visa on Arrival (VOA) is handled by the immigration service at the airports and as such, if the airport is operating so is the VOA department. It is absolutely vital that you have your visa processing fee(s) on you, in cash.

This post will show you how to collect your visa on arrival at the international airports of Vietnam. At this moment, there are 7 international airports of Vietnam accept to collect your visa on arrival with the visa approval letter.