August 1, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa For Cam Pha Seaport

Cam Pha Seaport is located in Quảng Ninh Province in the northeast region of Vietnam. Cruises going to this part of the country will most likely dock in the port of Cẩm Phả. This seaport has a coal-loading terminal that’s capable of accommodating massive ships. It can allow ships of up to 10 meters long to moor in the port, which is ideal for large cruise ships.

Cruise passengers who needed a visa to enter Vietnam can use the Vietnam e-visa at Cam Pha Seaport. Applying for this visa is so easy. Here’s everything you need to know about the Vietnam e-visa.

What Is A Vietnam E-visa?

To apply for the e-visa, you need to go online and fill out the application form. This is an electronic visa, which the Vietnam Immigration would issue to tourists online. It can be used for both business and tourism purposes. Due to the ease and convenience of applying for the e-visa, this is the preferred visa for tourists who are going on a cruise to Vietnam.

To use the Vietnam e-visa at Cam Pha Seaport, you just need to print the PDF version of the visa and bring the printed copy on your cruise. Just present it at the Immigration counter upon entry and your passport will be stamped, which means you can enter Vietnam for your holiday.

Vietnam e-visa Requirements

When you apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Quảng Ninh Province, you will be asked to submit some requirements. You should prepare the following before you send in your application.

  • Scanned copy of your passport’s bio page – the Vietnam Immigration will need a copy of your passport. Be sure to have a scanned copy ready. This is the page that displays your name and other important details.
  • Passport-sized photos – you need to prepare a digital copy of your passport-sized photos. This should have a white background and was taken recently.
  • Credit card or debit card – there’s a processing fee that you need to pay when you apply for the e-visa. They will accept credit card or debit card for the payment. You can also pay with PayPal.
  • Valid email address – since you will get your e-visa through email, it’s important that you have a valid email address.

How Much Is the Processing Fee for the Vietnam E-visa?

The processing fee that you will pay for the Vietnam e-visa at Cam Pha Seaport will cost around $25, but you will be charged more if you asked for a rush processing option. If there are no delays, you could get your visa in 3 -5 business days. But if it’s holiday or the peak travel season, it will take much longer for the visa to be approved. If you need your visa sooner, you can pay more for the visa processing to be expedited.

How to Apply for a Vietnam e-visa at Cam Pha Seaport

Applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Cam Pha Seaport is easy. You just need to go online, visit the website of Vietnam Immigration, and fill out the application form. Here are the steps on how to apply for the Vietnam e-visa.

  1. Go online and open the website for the Vietnam e-visa application system. Fill out the application form with your name, nationality, passport details, and other important details. Review all the details to make sure they are all correct.
  2. On the next page, upload all the documents needed. These are the requirements mentioned above, such as the scanned copy of your passport and digital copies of your passport-sized photos. After uploading the documents, proceed to the next page.
  3. The next page is where you will be charged for the processing fee. Enter your card details or PayPal account. Then wait for a confirmation that the visa is already being processed.
  4. After about 3 to 5 business days, you will receive an email for the status of your visa. If they have approved it, they will send instructions on how you can get a copy of the visa. Follow the instructions and you will get a PDF copy of the visa. Print the visa and this is what you will show at the immigration counter of Cam Pha Seaport.

How To Use the Vietnam e-visa for Cam Pha Seaport

Make sure to print the e-visa once you get a copy. The Vietnam Immigration needs a physical copy so be ready to present it. To be sure, print several copies so you will have spare copies in case you lose some of them.

When your cruise arrives at the Cam Pha Seaport, follow your group towards the Passport Control of the port. Here, you will be asked to queue while the Immigration officer checks your travel documents. Be ready with your passport and e-visa and hand it over to the officer when it’s your turn.