January 3, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa for Filipino: List of crucial documents

The world is full of new surprises. Every place you go, you will find something new, something different that will leave you astonished. There is no end to learning and discovering as every town, every city, and every country of this world has something you have never seen before or heard before. Earth is full of diversity and exceptions, yet there is a strange unity in all of it. If you have a soul of a wanderer, pack your bags now and explore the world! Whether you are planning a quite vacation or an adventurous expedition, start by exploring the countries near your home.

If you are a Filipino, you can start your exploration of the big wide world with the beautiful coastal country of Vietnam. Due to lenient policies, it is now easy for Asians to visit Vietnam. However, if you are visiting another country, preparing the correct documents is of prime importance. Acquire your passport and visa before visiting. Now you can very easily and quickly get your Vietnam e-visa for Filipino.

What is Vietnam e-visa?

To enter the country of Vietnam, you will need to acquire a visa. You can visit the Embassy of Vietnam in your country and apply for the visa. However, it is a complicated and long process and the visa takes a long time to arrive. Luckily for you, Vietnam government is now offering e-visa to at least 80 countries. The e-via is very easy to apply and it saves all the queuing and processing time. It is a single entry visa valid for 30 days, and it is renewable.

To apply for Vietnam e-visa for Filipino you can visit the official website of Vietnam government (https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn) and fill up and submit the form online. All you need is a few documents and a few minutes to fill it up. E-visa or the electronic visa is same as a normal visa, only e-visa is much easier and quicker to acquire.

Who can Apply?

If you belong to any of the following countries, you can apply for a Vietnam e-visa:

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

The list goes on to include many other countries that can apply e-visa for Vietnam, including Philippines. As a Filipino, you can apply for Vietnam e-visa for Filipino. However, note that Philippines is in the list of exemption. This is to say, if you are staying in Vietnam for 21 or less days, you do not need a visa. If you stay more than that, you will need to get a visa.

Vietnam visa waiver program

Notes for applying Vietnam E-Visa

Filipinos, please keep in mind that your passport and visa are the two most important documents when you are travelling abroad. Your passport will be used for identification in your country and the Vietnam e-visa for Filipino is the legal permission that will let you enter and stay in the foreign country. So it is absolutely necessary that you fill the form carefully so there are no mistakes otherwise it could lead to serious trouble.

The e-visa application form requires you to provide your personal details like your full name, address, date of birth, contact details etc.

Before you sit down to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Filipino, keep all the documents ready near you. You will need to provide your passport number as it is in your passport. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months counting from the day of arrival in Vietnam. Your passport must have at least 2 blank pages for stamps by immigration and border officer.

You will also need to provide a scan of the personal details page in your passport (Sample for passport’s bio page). Also, You need to provide your passport size photograph (Photo guide).

Make sure you travel plan for Vietnam is absolutely ready and sure because the e-visa fee is non-refundable. You have to provide you travel details in the application form, so no mistakes can be made there. You need to provide details like date of arrival, airport of arrival, date range of your stay, the hotels and cities you will be staying in etc.

When you have submitted the application, you can pay for it with debit or credit or even using your PayPal account. Before you submit, you have to answer travel history and security related question.

The processing time and application charge varies depending on the processing speed you choose. It takes 3-5 business days to arrive.


Your Vietnam e-visa for Filipino will be delivered to you via email in a Pdf format. Download and print it as you will need to show it at Vietnam airport. Children below 14 years need to be included in their parent’s visa. So, now you can plan your trip with Vietnam e-visa for Filipino.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa – You are only allowed to enter Vietnam from the port you have designated.


According to recent researches, as of October 2019, about 146,047 travelers and tourists from the Philippines paid a visit to Vietnam. On the other hand, 14 million tourists from around the world also paid a visit to this mysterious yet beautiful country, respectively.