July 28, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa for Hai Phong Seaport

If you are going to Vietnam for a cruise holiday, you will probably be stopping at Hai Phong Seaport, especially if you plan on holidaying in the northern part of the country. Hai Phong is the leading seaport in North Vietnam so it’s not surprising to find lots of cruise ships docked at this port every single day. From here, the famous Halong Bay is just an hour’s drive away.

But before you leave for your cruise, make sure that you have the necessary documents needed for your trip. One of the most important documents that you need to prepare is your Vietnam visa. If you want a convenient way of obtaining a visa to Vietnam, you should choose the Vietnam e-visa.

General Information about the Vietnam e-Visa

When applying for a visa to Vietnam, you will come across a number of different information. But of all the visas that you can apply for Vietnam, it is the Vietnam e-visa that stands out, especially for tourists who plan on entering the country on a cruise. Here’s what you need to know about the Vietnam e-visa.

  • The Vietnam e-visa is an electronic visa, which you can easily apply online. To apply, you need to fill out a visa application form from the website of Vietnam Immigration.
  • It will take about 3 – 5 business days for the processing of the e-visa. There’s an option to have it expedited but for an added fee.
  • The Vietnam e-visa for Hai Phong Seaport must be printed and a printed copy will be presented upon entry at the seaport.
  • Aside from the seaports, this visa can also be used to enter at land borders and at the airport. It’s good for single entry with a maximum stay of 30 days.

Requirements for e-Visa Application

Just like with applying for a regular visa, you will be asked to submit some requirements for the approval of your e-visa. Make sure you have them ready during your e-visa application.

  • Scanned copy of your passport’s bio page – the Vietnam Immigration needs to have a copy of your passport to process your visa. You only need to submit a scanned copy of the passport’s biographical page.
  • Photos – a digital copy of your passport-sized photo must also be submitted. This should be in jpeg format.
  • Card for payment – there is a processing fee that you need to pay online so make sure you have a card ready for the payment.

Vietnam E-visa Processing Time

As mentioned, the processing time of the Vietnam e-visa for Hai Phong Seaport will take about 3 -5 business days. But sometimes, the processing can take longer due to some reasons. So if you are leaving for your cruise soon, you might as well choose the option for rush processing. The processing fee of the Vietnam e-visa will cost around $25. However, if you will choose to have it rushed, you can pay around $40 or more. But with the rush processing, you can have your visa processed in as fast as one day!

How To Apply for the Vietnam E-visa

It’s easy to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Hai Phong Seaport online. Here’s how:

  1. Go online and fill out the Vietnam e-visa application form. Provide your name, date of birth, and other important details. Review everything before you click next.
  2. On the next page, upload a scanned copy of your passport. You also need to upload your photo.
  3. Get your card and pay for the processing fees. It’s also possible to pay with your PayPal account if you want.
  4. Wait for an email for the status of your visa. If it’s approved, you will receive a copy of it online. Print the visa and take it with you to Vietnam.
  5. When your cruise docks at Hai Phong Seaport, proceed to the immigration counter and present your passport and e-visa copy.

Advantages of Using Vietnam e-visa for Hai Phong Seaport

Even though you can use other types of visas for your cruise to Vietnam, there are advantages to using the Vietnam e-visa for Hai Phong Seaport. First of all, this visa is so easy to apply. You’ll enjoy the convenience of applying online without the need to go to a Vietnam embassy. For as long as you have an Internet connection, you can apply for this visa wherever you are.

Another good thing about the e-visa is that it will have a maximum validity of 30 days. So if you plan on staying in Vietnam for a much longer time, then you can greatly benefit from this visa. What’s more, the visa can also be used for other border entries. Aside from cruise passengers, those who are flying into Vietnam and traveling by land can also use this visa.


So is Vietnam your next travel destination? In recent years Vietnam has emerged as a tourist favourite. Tourists often visit Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh compared to other cities, whereas Hai Phong deserves to be on your list.