July 20, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Vietnam e-visa for Tay Trang Landport

There are six different land border checkpoints from Laos to Vietnam. The Tay Trang Landport is one of these. If you came from Laos and you are traveling by land going to Vietnam, you can pass through the Tay Trang Border Crossing Station.

Crossing the border from Laos to Vietnam is easy. But for foreigners who are required to have a visa for Vietnam, you must apply for your visa in advance. That’s because they don’t issue Vietnam visas at the land borders unlike when you arrive at the Vietnam airports.

Thankfully, getting your visa is easy. Vietnam is offering the e-visa facility where visitors can apply for their visa online. Here’s everything you need to know about this visa.

What is Vietnam e-Visa?

The e-visa is the shortened term for electronic visas. This visa can be applied online so you don’t need to go to a Vietnam embassy in your area. Once the visa is approved, they will send it to you via email so all you need to do is to print it and bring it with you when crossing into the Tay Trang Landport.

The Vietnam e-visa is the easiest visa to get of all the visas that the country issues for foreign visits.  It can only be applied online so you don’t have to schedule an appointment at an embassy just like you would with a regular visa. You just go online and fill out the application form from there.

When you are approved of the Vietnam e-visa for Tay Trang Landport, your visa will let you enter the country once. This is a single entry visa that has a validity of 30 days.

How Long Will It Take To Process the Vietnam e-visa for Tay Trang Landport?

If you are leaving for Vietnam soon, you better apply for the e-visa as early as now. Although the standard processing time is 3 – 5 business days, there are days when this will be delayed. As a matter of fact, the Vietnam government requires foreigners to apply for their visa as early as two weeks before their trip. There is an option to pay more if you need your visa soon. For the rush option, you can get your visa in as fast as 24 hours!

How Much Will the Vietnam e-Visa Cost?

You will be charged for a processing fee when applying online for the Vietnam e-visa for Tay Trang Landport. The standard rate is $25, but you could pay more if you opted for the rush processing of your visa. They accept debit cards or credit card and you can also pay with your PayPal account.

The processing fee is non-refundable so if you will cancel your trip, you can no longer get the money that you paid for. Also, if your visa will be denied, you cannot ask for a refund.

Where Can You Apply For the Vietnam e-Visa?

You can apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Tay Trang Landport online, through the official website of the Vietnam Immigration. There are also local agencies that can process the visa on your behalf.

Once you’re on the website, you’ll be prompted to fill out the application form with your personal details, such as your complete name and birthdate. You will also be asked to provide the name of the port where you plan to enter. In your case, choose the Tay Trang Landport border. You will also be asked to provide a few details about your trip, such as your entry and exit date. Make sure you provide these correctly so you won’t have any issues in getting your visa approved.

How To Apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Tay Trang Landport?

First, go online and open the e-visa application form. Then enter your complete name, birthdate, passport number, and other important details. Make sure you type them correctly. Double-check the spelling before you proceed to the next page.

On the next page, upload a scanned copy of your passport. You also need to upload passport-sized photos. The photos must be in jpeg format. After you submit the requirements, click the next page to make a payment. When you’re done paying, wait for the confirmation that says your visa is already being processed.

How will I receive the Vietnam e-visa?

When your e-visa application is approved, they will send you an email to the email address you have provided. The email will provide details on how you can download a copy of your e-visa. It will refer you to a link that you can click in order to access the PDF copy of the e-visa. Print this out and this will serve as your visa to Vietnam. 

How do I enter the Tay Trang Border Using the e-Visa?

It’s easy to use the Vietnam e-visa at Tay Trang Landport. When you arrive at the land border, just proceed directly to the Immigration Counter. Give them your passport and e-visa copy and they will stamp you for entry.


Many travel to Vietnam as it is a, friendly, beautiful and affordable country. If your country is not in the visa exemption list, you must have a valid visa to enter and exit Vietnam.