January 29, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

Vietnam Landing Visa for Phu Bai Airport; Apply Now!

Phu Bai is the name of the airport in Hue city, Vietnam. If you want to visit Hue Vietnam, then you have to cross it via Phu Bai Airport. So, you should have an air ticket for Phu Bai airport. You can make use of Vietnam landing visa for Phu Bai airportWondering why? Vietnam landing visa is the most convenient way to apply for your visa. With this method, you can apply for your visa via online effectively. And your visa will approve in two or three working days.

Vietnam Landing Visa For Phu Bai Airport; How It Helps You? 

From applying for a visa to get the visa approved, this Vietnam landing visa for Phu Bai airport will help you with all. Here are things m the visa on arrival will help you with.

  1. You can apply for your Vietnam visa from anywhere since you will apply for your visa via online.
  2. Within 30 minutes, you can finish up applying for your visa.
  3. You can make the payment via debit or credit card for the service fee. And can pay the stamp fee in the Vietnam airport with ready cash.
  4. You can apply for a single entry or multi-entry visa type.
  5. From one month to three months validity visa type, Vietnam landing visa has different types of visa in both business and tourist purpose. But, based on the country, it gets to change.
  6. With visa on arrival often after you receive your visa approval letter, you can apply for a fast track service.
  7. If your visa application rejects by the government, the travel agency will refund the service fee you paid.
  8. Your data and money will be safe and secured.

Step By Step Procedure to Apply and Get For Your Visa 

Within some simple steps, you can apply for your visa easily. Get ready with the 100% risk-free website, and the details need to fill the applications.

Step 1: Filling the Online Application 

Fill the online application with the original data. Usually, the details are related to you, your nationality, visa type, travelling and more. Once you fill it, pass on to express service. If you are in need of rush service, you have to opt to by sleeting one of it based on your Preference.

Step 2: Payment Process 

Then you have to attach the softcopy that is asked for. After cross-checking all the data entered, make the payment via debit or credit card. Only if you make the payment method correctly, the visa approval process will get a start. So make sure to make the payment process correctly. Also, ensure, does your debit card have enough money or your credit card have enough money limits to make the payment successfully.

Step 3: Visa Collecting Process

Based on your request in on express service, your visa will get approved, and you will get your visa approval letter (visa collecting pass). Once you get your visa approved the letter, you have to apply for your fast track service to simplify the visa collecting and stamping process in the international Phu Bai airport in Vietnam. With the visa approval letter that you got via Vietnam landing visa for Phu Bai airport, and with two passport size photo, visa entry-exit application, and stamping fees, you have to meet the professionals of fast track service at the airport landing gate. They will finish the visa collecting and stamping process within 20 minutes, and escort you.

What Are The Services The Fast Track Service Professionals Will Offer? 

  1. The professionals will welcome you at the airport with the named welcome board.
  2. Help you fill out the visa entry-exit application
  3. Collect your approved visa and get it stamped over your passport by paying the stamping fee.
  4. If you opt top VIP track service, they will provide your welcome snakes and drinks to refresh.
  5. If your request for baggage porters, they will help carry all your luggage.
  6. Finally, they will take you to the parking area
  7. If you add on to the car pick up service, your pick up car will be ready for you in the front of the airport exit.

Things You Need To Collect Your Approved Visa and Get It Stamped On Your Passport 

  1. Two passport size photo, which should be taken recently.
  2. visa approved letter in the form of hardcopy
  3. Stamping fee with ready cash based on your visa type (If your visa type is under multi-entry, you have to pay 50 USD. And for single entry visa type, 25USD)
  4. Filled visa entry and exit application.
  5. Finally, your fast track service staff will proceed with the next task accordingly.

In conclusion, if you are looking to apply for your visa via Vietnam landing visa for Phu Bai airportyou should choose the right 100% trustworthy travel agency. To check whether they are a trustworthy company, make sure they have a 100% risk-free website to apply for their visa. Also, they should offer 100% money back guaranty. 


Have you visited Vietnam? If no is your answer, make Vietnam your next travel destination, and we strongly believe you will love your decision. Vietnam is so beautiful with its picturesque landscape and beaches.