January 25, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

FAQs – Vietnam e-visa via Phu Bai Airport

Have you visited Vietnam? If no is your answer, make Vietnam your next travel destination, and we strongly believe you will love your decision. Vietnam is so beautiful with its picturesque landscape and beaches. However, how would you visit Vietnam? You need a visa to enter this country filled with gorgeous scenery and attractive tourist spots. You can also get Vietnam e-visa via Phu Bai Airport.

What is an e-visa?

The e-visa is nothing but an electronic travel authorization that permits you to enter Vietnam. It is one kind of visa issued by the Vietnamese immigration department to foreigners via an online system. This is, however, valid only for a maximum of 30 days, and also, it is a single entry visa.

The payment for the visa fee paid via electronic payment gateway, as directed by the immigration department of Vietnam. So be very careful while filling the online form. Wrong information entered, or an incomplete application can get rejected.

What are the conditions to be a Vietnam e-visa holder ?

If you are applying for Vietnam e-visa via Phu Bai Airport as an applicant:

  • You should hold a valid passport.
  • You should also do not fall into any of the cases of suspension from entry as given in the law of foreigners Article 21. See Immigration Law of Vietnam

If you get guarantee or invited by an organization or authority or individual in Vietnam following the law on foreigners, you might get a new visa.

Foreigners who are entering Vietnam should follow Vietnamese law.

Why should you choose the Vietnam e-visa?

The Vietnam e-visa is nothing but an official visa authorization from the department of immigration of Vietnam. The simple electronic process for applying e-visa will allow using e-visa online directly. This has simplified all the procedures to enter Vietnam.

The Vietnam e-visa will allow you to enter Vietnam via seaports, land ports, and airports. However, it is good to travel to Vietnam by airplane or by Cruise ship or by road.

FAQs on e-visa:

What would I need for my Vietnam e-visa application?

The documentation and the items required to fill e-visa application are:

  • You should take with you your passport, which has a validity of at least six months from the date you intend to enter Vietnam.
  • You should specify your country in case of dual citizenship according to the passport.
  • Particular travel document which you would be using during your travel to Vietnam.
  • A scanned copy of your passport.
  • Original Passport

Should I enter Vietnam on the same date, as mentioned in my online application?

No, not exactly. The date specified in the application is a sign for the commencement of the e-visa validity period. You can enter Vietnam any day within this fixed period. However, it will expire 30 days after the date specified in your application.

I have filled my e-visa online application. Besides, after this, I renewed my passport. Can I make changes and amendments to the existing visa? Or should I apply for a new e-visa?

No, you cannot make any changes to the details entered once. You should obtain a new e-visa as the details in your passport would have altered.

Should I get a separate e-visa for every person accompanying me during this trip to Vietnam?

Yes, each Traveler accompanying you on this trip should carry their own and separate e-visa.

Is there a possibility for me to get a multiple entry visa?

No e-visa is only for single entry purposes. If you want to get a multiple entry visa, you should apply for a visa on arrival with the help of a local travel company in Vietnam.

Can I stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days with my e-visa?

Know your e-visa will be valid for only 30 days in Vietnam. For visa extension, you should get help from a local travel company in Vietnam. This is in case, if you want permission to stay for longer than 30 days.

My detailed on the e-visa don’t entirely match with the info shown on my passport. Can I enter Vietnam with e-visa?

No, your e-visa becomes invalid if any of your personal information entered does not match with the information in your passport. You should take another e-visa in such a case.

What should I do for an e-visa extension? I want to stay in Vietnam for an extended period than that allowed by e-visa?

E-visa is to cater to the specific needs of visitors who intend to stay in Vietnam for less than 30 days. You should apply for a visa on arrival if you wish to need permission to stay in Vietnam for more than 30 days.

You have entered into Vietnam on an e-visa already and wanted to extend your stay there. In such case, you should visit the immigration office of Vietnam in the City where you stay and file an extension request.

Get Vietnam e-visa via Phu Bai Airport through a trustworthy agency. Enter the country and enjoy the breathtaking sceneries of Vietnam.