May 4, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

Vietnam Landing Visa in Hanoi City

Also known as the Visa on Arrival, the Vietnam Landing Visa is a type of visa that is obtained at the airport of Vietnam upon arrival. You can claim the Landing Visa at the various airports of Vietnam including in Hanoi City.

But before you can get the Vietnam landing visa, you need to apply for this visa in advance. The application is done online. You will be asked to fill out a visa application form. Once they approve your visa, they will send you a pre-approval letter. You need to present this letter at the Landing Visa counter in Hanoi City and they will attach a visa sticker to your passport.

How To Apply for the Vietnam Landing Visa for Hanoi City

Here are the steps required when applying for the Vietnam Landing Visa in Hanoi City.

  1. Go online to fill out the visa application form. Enter all the important details. This will be used in the processing of your visa. Make sure that all details are accurate and that the spelling is correct. Submit the application form after reviewing.
  2. Wait for 2 business days for an email. Take note that if you need rush processing, you can pay more and get it in as fast as 8 hours. On the email, you will find the pre-approval letter and a blank application form – Vietnamese-visa-application-form (Form NA1). You need to print these and fill out the form.
  3. Before flying to Hanoi, you need to prepare other requirements in order to claim your Vietnam landing visa. Aside from the letter, you are required to submit 1 passport-sized photo (Photo guide). It’s also important that your passport is valid for six months from the entry date. You need to prepare cash as well because they will ask you to pay for the stamping fee before they give you your visa.
  4. When you arrive in Hanoi City airport, look for the Vietnam landing visa counter. Here, submit the requirements and wait for them to process your visa. Once your visa is ready, they will call your name so you can come to the counter and claim it.

Why Choose Vietnam Landing Visa for your Trip To Hanoi

Applying for the Vietnam landing visa is easy, which is why most tourists in Vietnam would prefer it. Here are more reasons why you should choose the landing visa.

  • Convenience – as you see, applying for the visa is done online. There’s no need to go to the embassy personally or send your requirements through a courier.
  • Low cost – the landing visa is cheaper compare to getting the standard visa from a Vietnam embassy.
  • Fast processing – within only 2 business days of submitting your application, you could get your pre-approval letter. You even have the option to get the letter within the day!

Things To Know

Take note that you cannot just fly directly to Hanoi and expect to get your landing visa upon arrival. You need to apply in advance by filling out the online visa application form.

Once you have the letter, you can claim the visa at the Landing Visa counter in Hanoi.

It’s also important to remember that the Vietnam landing visa is only applicable to air travel. If you’re travelling by land or sea, you should get another visa, such as the e-visa.

Make sure to check the validity of your passport before you fly to Hanoi. One of the requirements for getting the landing visa is for your passport to be valid for at least six months. If you’re travelling with kids that have their own passports, you must also get them their own visa.

Another important thing to keep in mind is to make sure that you have enough cash to pay for the stamping fee. That’s because the Landing Visa counter in Hanoi doesn’t accept cards for payment. You can pay in USD currency or in Vietnam Dong. There’s an ATM near the counter so you can withdraw if you don’t have enough cash.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Vietnam Landing Visa Legitimate?

Yes, the landing visa is legitimate. It is commonly called the Visa on Arrival and is issued by Vietnam’s Immigration Department.

How Long Do You Need to Wait at the Landing Visa Counter?

This will mainly depend on the number of passengers that they need to cater to the Landing Visa counter. If you are travelling during the peak season, you could get your visa within 30 – 45 minutes. But if it’s not peak season, you could get it in as fast as 15 minutes!

When Should You Apply for the Vietnam Landing Visa?

The Vietnam Immigration requires foreign visitors to Vietnam to apply for their visa at least two weeks before their travel date. This is for them to have enough time to process the visa.


Many years ago, foreign travellers who wish to visit Vietnam for a holiday have to go to a local embassy or consulate to apply for their visa. But you no longer need to do that now.