Please be kindly informed that you will get your visa approval letter via email (in no more than 2 days) after you finished your visa application and made your payment: Urgent service for Vietnam visa online: within less than 1 working day or even few hours. Normal service for Vietnam visa online : within 2 working days.

Thanks for contacting us. You can check your Vietnam visa approval letter processing status by the two following ways: Log in to your account to check your visa status online Check your visa status by sending to us the Order ID or passport number then our agent will check then reply you via email If

Please be informed that a visa will be valid from the entry date to the exit date as printed on the visa approval letter. You can stay in Vietnam at any time between the entry date and the exit date.

Yes, you can enter Vietnam later than the granted arrival date in visa approval letter on the condition that you exit by granted exit date. More specifically, you can stay in Vietnam at any time between the entry date and the exit date.

It is an official document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department. Having this letter in hand, you will be permitted to enter Vietnam, get your visa stamped at Vietnam international airports or Vietnam Embassies/ Consulates and then you can enter and exit Vietnam for a given period.

Please have a look at Vietnam visa approval letter sample by visit Visa Fee then click on visa type to see sample of the approval letter for Vietnam visa. It is very simple and doesn’t lose your time to fill in the Vietnam visa approval letter.

We regret to say that this type of visa is only applicable for those who travel to Vietnam by air. So you can’t use your approval letter to enter Vietnam by land.

It is very simple and doesn’t lose your time. Just complete these 6 following information: Your full name on passport: first name, last name ( please write exactly the same as your name in your passport) Date of birth (DOB) Nationality Passport Number Proposed arrival date Purpose of visit For further information, please see full visa