April 9, 2021
Visa Extension

Vietnam Visa Extension Service for Foreigners in Phu My Hung (District 7, HCMC)

Phu My Hung is an urban area located in District 7 of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s a popular area for foreigners to live in Vietnam. In fact, it is where the largest ex-pat community in the country can be found.

For foreigners who live in Phu My Hung, they can go to the Vietnam Immigration Office in Ho Chi Minh if they would like to apply for a visa extension. Visa extension refers to the process of extending the validity of your visa so you can stay in Vietnam for a much longer time. To apply for the visa extension service, you will be required to submit your passport and other requirements to the Vietnam Immigration Office.

Ho Chi Minh city Immigration Office

What is a Visa Extension?

Before you start applying for a visa extension, it’s a good idea to find out what this process is, so you will know how it can benefit you. Visa extension is the process of extending your visa’s validity. For instance, you are holding a tourist visa that is only good for 30 days. When you apply for a visa extension, you can get it extended for 30 more days without the need to apply for a new visa. However, you can only extend the visa for the same validity period. So, for a 30-day visa, you can only extend it for 30 days more. Furthermore, foreigners are only allowed to extend the validity of their visas twice.

When your application for the visa extension service is approved, your passport will be stamped indicating the new validity period. Make sure you exit the country before the validity period or you will be fined for overstaying.

Another option for foreigners to extend their stay in Vietnam is visa renewal. But for this option, a new visa will be issued to you, which is why it costs more compared to the visa extension. With the visa extension, you can still use your existing visa to stay in the country, but this time the validity date will be extended, allowing you to stay in the country longer.

How To Get Visa Extension in Phu My Hung (District 7, HCMC)

When applying for a visa extension service, the first step is to fill out the application form. Also known as the NA5 form, this form can be downloaded from the website of Vietnam Immigration. You can download and print the form. Fill out the form with your complete name, passport details, and other important details. But if you cannot download the form, you can go directly to the Vietnam Immigration Office and get the form from there. Form NA5 for visa extension

After you fill out the form, submit this to the staff at the Immigration Office together with your passport, visa copy, and other requirements. The staff will check the application form and other requirements. If everything is perfect, they will receive your application and collect the payment for the processing fees.

It will take around a week or two for the Vietnam Immigration Department to process your visa extension application. Once they approve your application, they will return your passport with a stamp indicating the new validity of your visa.

Hire a Local Agency to Assist you with your Visa Extension in Phu My Hung (District 7, HCMC) 

It can be a bit complicated for most foreigners to apply for a Vietnam visa extension. Hiring a local agency to help you with the application process can benefit you in many ways. You will only pay a minimal fee for this service, but it’s all worth it.

Many local agencies in Vietnam offer assistance to foreigners for all their visa concerns, including the application of a visa extension or renewal. With their help, the process will be much easier. All you need to do is to fill out the application form and send it to them along with your passport, visa copy, and other requirements. Once they receive these documents, they will be the ones to apply for your visa extension from the Vietnam Immigration Office in Ho Chi Minh. This will save you a lot of time since you don’t need to go there in person.

You can also ask for help from the agency if you need the process to be expedited since your visa is already due to expire in a few days. There will be additional cost for expediting the visa extension process, but it’s much cheaper than having to pay for the penalty if you end up overstaying in the country.

To look for an agency to hire, just go online and do a search. You will find several websites that offer assistance for visa extension service in Phu My Hung. Send them a message through chat or email to inquire about the process and the cost of their services.

If you have any unclear point, feel free to ask before leaving home : info@vietnamvisa.cheap


Phu My Hung is an urban area located in the south of Ho Chi Minh City. It’s a modern neighborhood that’s home to one of the largest ex-pat communities in Vietnam.