April 3, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Vietnam visa for Eritrea citizens

Vietnam is a wonderful place, and you have to visit at least once. Why? Unforgettable dishes, picturesque landscapes, attractive beaches, and distinct cultures. These are the factors that distinguish the country from others. Despite being modernized, the Vietnamese still practice their culture and tradition. So, have you planned your trip to Vietnam? Don’t forget to apply for Vietnam visa.  Of course, getting a cheap Vietnam visa is easy, but you need to obtain the visa one or two weeks before your trip.

Everything you need to know about Vietnam visa

When it comes to visa policies, Vietnam is not as complicated as other countries. But, confusion may arise as there are many articles on the internet regarding the Vietnam visa process. In this article, you’ll find the right information about the visa process. While most of the travellers usually show up and get a visa at the borders of Cambodia, Thailand, and other countries, it is not simple with Vietnam. Because you have to get a pre-approved visa, and the visa options differ whether you intend to cross land or sea border or you are flying into Vietnam.

Either way, if you are planning to explore Vietnam, ensure you are reading the following information carefully since your visa options will differ.

Documents required applying for Vietnam visa

  • You must have a valid passport with at least six months following the date of arrival in Vietnam
  • Ensure the passport has at least 2 blank pages

How to apply for cheap Vietnam visa?

Generally, there are three options to obtain visa for Vietnam. Visa through the embassy, visa on arrival, and e-visa are the three ways to get a visa. However, e-visa is applicable for only 81 countries. Unfortunately, Eritrea citizens are not on the list. So, you have got only two options such as visa through the embassy and visa on arrival to get the visa.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

Visa from the embassy

  • Visas for both single or multi-entry with up to 3 months
  • You could use at any border, including land, sea, and air
  • Apply and receive the visa from the Vietnamese embassy

This is the traditional way of getting a Vietnam. However, you should personally visit the embassy/consulate or apply through post or mail. Check whether your home country has a Vietnam embassy/consulate. Unfortunately, you don’t have embassy in your place so you need to find the nearest.

You could check out the embassy of Vietnam in countries close to Eritrea, such as

Vietnam embassy in UAE

  • Address: Villa No. 23 Al-Dhiyafah Street, Al-Nuzha District, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Phone:+966-1-4547887 ; +966 -1-4569756

Vietnam embassy in Egypt

  • Address:Villa 47, Ahmed Heshmat street, Zamalek – Cairo, Egypt
  • Phone: +20-02-37623841 / 37623863

An Eritrea citizen must have following documents to obtain the visa from the embassy:-

  • A filled and signed application form with photo
  • Original passport
  • Invitation letter if you are applying for business visa
  • Other supporting documents upon request of the embassy

You have to visit the embassy for both submitting the application and picking up the visa. However, if you choose to send the application through mail/post, you don’t have to visit the embassy. It will take around five to seven business days to get your visa. With the visa obtained from the embassy, you could enter Vietnam through the entire border including seaport, landport, and airport. If you are planning to enter Vietnam through land or sea border, you have no other option than getting visa through the embassy.

The Vietnam visa price will be either $25 or $50 depending on the type of visa you have requested for. It is the most flexible visas as you can get single or multi-entry and up to three months. Besides, it can be used at airports or land borders.

Visa on arrival

Visa on arrival is also known as visa at airport and recommended for air travelers to enter and exit Vietnam from Eritrea. Be aware that visa on arrival is applicable for travellers who are entering Vietnam through airport. Yes, it is not valid on land ports and sea ports. However, Visa on arrival is the easiest way to get visa for Vietnam if you are flying.

You’ll have to submit the application online by paying the process fee to get the visa approval letter and collect the visa at the airport upon arrival. You’ll receive the visa approval letter within two to three business days. Once your application is processed, the approval letter will be send to your email from the embassy. With that approval letter, you could travel to Vietnam. Upon arrival, submit the approval letter along with 2 passport size photos, visa stamping fee of $50, and original passport to the immigration officer to get your visa stamped on the passport. Yes, it is as simple as that.

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