January 28, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track through Cat Bi Airport

The Cat Bi airport is located at the city of Hai Phong. It is one of the 6 international airports that accept the Vietnam Visa on Arrival. This city is blessed with so many attractive landscapes, the Cat Ba island, Ha Long Bay, Lan Ha bay etc. To enter into Vietnam, you don’t have to choose the most distant or the airports with more commuters. You simply have to arrive at the Noi Bai airport and get the Visa on Arrival through Fast Track services.  Read more to get a detailed guidance on Vietnam Visa on Arrival Fast Track–

Ways to apply for Visa On Arrival

The process of applying for a Vietnam Visa on Arrival consists of two main steps –

Obtaining the Visa Approval Letter

  1. To get this letter, you must apply at least two to three days in prior before heading for the trip. As a first step, you must fill in the necessary information like – Name, Gender, date of birth and the type of visa that you are intending to apply for on the application form online. After this, you will have to make the online payment.
  2. Then wait for a minimum of 48 hours to get the Visa approval letter through email.

Getting the Visa stamped at the Cat Bi airport

On arriving at the Cat Bi airport, you must submit the following documents to the staff

  • The Original passport
  • 2 Photos
  • Vietnam Visa stamp fee
  • Printed copy of the visa application form
  • Printed copy of the approval letter

Why should you apply for Fast Track Service at the Cat Bi Airport?

If waiting at the long queues at the Cat Bi airport upsets, you can very well opt for the fast track services to speed up your process. Through this service, you can get your visa stamped quickly, while you wait leisurely at the waiting area. When you opt for this service, a dedicated staff will meet you at the airport, they will get your visa stamped. The entire process would take only less than fifteen minutes. Moreover, the staff will help you with your baggage too.

Who can make use of the Fast Track service at the Cat Bi airport?

  1. Businessmen – The businessmen usually do not have time to spare waiting at the airport. So if you are a businessman who is heading out to an important meeting and you don’t have enough time to wait at the immigration process, you can make use of the Fast Track Service.
  2. Parent with kids/infants, Pregnant women, people with physical disability & Elderly
  3. Commuters with a Tight schedule – If you are a passenger who is looking to board a flight very soon, you might not have the time to wait to through the immigration process. For this, you can get help from the fast track service to complete the process soon.

Not only these people, but also anyone could use Vietnam Visa fast track service, who does not want to waste time standing in line at the airport.

How to apply for the Fast Track Service

  1. Fill out an application online, mentioning the necessary details.
  2. Make the online payment and cross-check the details entered, including your name, the flight details and its arrival date.
  3. After you reach at the Vietnam Airport, the staff from the agency will welcome you at the airport. They will also help you out throughout the immigration process.

Important Documents required at the Cat Bi airport for the Fast Track Service

On arriving at the Cat Bi airport, you must have all these documents ready and give it to your Fast Track Service agent –

The Original Passport – Passport is essentially the most important document when you intend to travel abroad. Without this document you cannot enter into any country, including Vietnam. Also, this passport must have a validity of more than 6 months before you plan to enter into the country. It must also have two blank pages. In case, if you have an expired passport, you cannot enter Vietnam. Or if you have applied for a visa in advance, make sure to mark the passport number as in the passport on the application form.

Photos – You must carry two photos of the 4×6 size. Your full face must be clearly visible on the photo with your eyes open. The photo should present you from top of your hair till the shoulders. It must have a background of plain white or off-white. Don’t use any sun glass or hats, as it makes the photo unclear. The lighting conditions should be normal.

The Visa stamp fee – You must pay the stamp fee in cash to get the visa on arrival. This is the fee which has to be paid directly to the Immigration officer at the visa arrival counter. The Fee can be accepted both in US Dollars or Vietnam Dong, but the most preferred one is US Dollars.

  1. Single entry visa – 25 USD for a stay of one to three months
  2. Multiple entry visa – 50 USD for a stay of one to three months

The Visa Approval Letter – This is an important document for the visa stamp process. Having this letter means that your entitlement to get the visa stamp is easy.

You simply have to provide all these documents to the Fast Track Visa service agent and wait for a few minutes. This agent will make your process easy by waiting at the queue and getting your passport stamped with Visa!


Vietnam e-visa has become the go-to option for a stress-free visa application experience for travellers. As the name suggests, e-visa or electronic visa is a digital document that grants entry to Vietnam.

Vietnam is a country with a varied cultural heritage and a number of tourist attractions. So, a huge number of tourists plan to travel to Vietnam to spend their holidays.

Numerous travelers visit Vietnam yearly. Vietnam is one of the regions in Southeast Asia which is come to many natural places that attract many tourists annually.