August 30, 2023

Vietnam’s E-Visa Scheme Introduction for Komori Citizens

Exciting news for the citizens of Komori! Vietnam has officially opened its e-visa scheme to citizens of ALL countries, including Komori, starting from August 15, 2023. This means that citizens of Komori no longer need to queue at the Vietnamese embassy or consulate for a visa. The new e-visa system allows you to apply for a Vietnam visa online, providing a convenient and hassle-free way to visit this beautiful country.

The Benefits of Vietnam E-Visa

With the introduction of the Vietnam e-visa, travelers from Komori can now obtain their visa through the official website with just a few clicks. Gone are the days of complex paperwork, long waiting times, and tiresome visits to embassies or consulates. Applying for a Vietnam e-visa is quick, easy, and can be done from the comfort of your own home.

Easy Entry and Exit Options

Once you have your Vietnam e-visa, you can enter and exit Vietnam through various ports of entry. There are 13 airports, 16 land border gates, and 13 sea border gates that accept Vietnam e-visa holders. Whether you prefer to arrive by air, land, or sea, the e-visa allows you the flexibility to choose the most convenient option for your travel plans.

Testimonials from Happy Travelers

The new e-visa scheme has received positive feedback from travelers all over the world, including those from Komori. “It’s excellent news. We’ve waited very long for the Vietnam e-visa because there is no Vietnamese embassy or consulate in my country,” said a tourist from Komori. This sentiment is shared among many who have been eager to visit Vietnam but faced difficulties in obtaining a visa.

Making the Application Process Easier

To avoid any frustration, citizens of Komori who are planning to visit Vietnam can opt for commercial websites that offer e-visa services. These websites provide a user-friendly interface and a simple application form, streamlining the process for you. While these services may come at a slightly higher cost, they guarantee the delivery of your e-visa on time, ensuring a hassle-free experience.


The Vietnam e-visa scheme has opened up exciting possibilities for citizens of Komori to explore the wonders of Vietnam. With the convenience of online applications and the elimination of the need for embassy or consulate visits, obtaining a Vietnam e-visa has never been easier. So, if you’re planning to visit Vietnam, mark your calendars for August 15, 2023, and take advantage of this fantastic opportunity. Say goodbye to long queues and complex paperwork – the Vietnam e-visa is here to simplify your travel plans. Get ready to embark on an unforgettable journey to Vietnam with ease and convenience!

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