November 28, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

Want to Visit Vietnam from New Zealand? Here is Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand Process

Vietnam allows a visa-free travel for citizens from several countries for a limited period. But, New Zealand enjoy no such exemption. The hikers, bikers, businessmen, and students from the country who wish to visit Vietnam are required to obtain a visa before they can set foot in this ancient country. Fortunately, now they can do it online, which saves them a ton of time involved in visiting the embassy. Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand citizens is a straightforward procedure that will help them authorize their visit to the country within minutes. Not only will they save the time and hassle of booking appointments with the embassy, the approval also reaches them in 3 business days.

The e-visa is valid for only 30 days.

Do New Zealand Citizens Need a Visa for Vietnam?

Yes, obtaining a tourist visa is mandatory for the New Zealand’s passport holders if they wish to visit Vietnam. The visa categories in this case vary according to the length of the stay and the purpose for which they are visiting.

No matter which type of visa one is planning to apply for, the application procedure remains the same. The New Zealand citizens can either apply in person by visiting the Vietnam embassy in their country or applying online.

If one plans to save the time by applying for visa on arrival that they can collect on arrival, e-Visa is highly advisable. This is because it doesn’t require an individual to waste time in person or when they reach the borders.

Vietnam e-Visa for New Zealand Citizens

Vietnam e-visa is a service started by the Vietnamese Government that provides individuals of any of the 83 countries to travel and enter Vietnam.

  • What is Vietnam e-Visa?

Vietnam e-visa is an online visa approval process available to New Zealanders, among other foreign nationals. Payment and delivery of the visa is done completely online, and probably takes 3-4 working days.

  • Difference between e-visa and VOA

Visa on Arrival or VOA is applied after the foreigner arrives at Vietnam’s any of the international checkout points. There are dedicated counters at the airports where you have to present the officials with required documents and fees. E-visa, on the other hand, is generated online at any Vietnam’s e-visa website. You will have to pay the fees online and upload the necessary documents. You will receive your e-visa via email.

  • Number of days of stay

There is a provision for single and multiple-entry visa for New Zealanders. A single entry e-visa allows you to enter Vietnam once (for tourism or business purpose) and stay there for as long as 30 days (1 month). For VOA, you can stay as long as for 30-90 days with single and multiple visits included for both tourism and business purpose.

  • Vietnam e-visa extension

Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand passport holders is only valid for 30 days. After that, if you want to get an extension, you should contact with a travel agency. Or you can leave the country then reapply for new e-visa to come back Vietnam.

Vietnam e-Visa Requirements for New Zealand Citizens

Before entering the country, the New Zealand passport holders must have a Vietnam visa in their hands. Now, they can follow the crisp online application procedure to save time and efforts.

A person just need to spend several minutes at the convenience of their homes to fill in the application. Before applying, they must make sure that they have the documents handy and meet all requirements.

Here are some of the requirements that are generally asked:

  • The New Zealand Passport which is valid till after 6 months of the date of arrival
  • A scan of the bio-data page of the passport which has the photo
  • Two blank pages in the passport for the visa stamp
  • Personal details
  • Passport size photographs. Photo Guide.
  • The details about the stay such as dates of the stay, hotel and its address, and name of the city
  • Debit or credit card details for processing the payment for the visa

One should ensure that the application is completed before 7 days of arrival so that approval is received in time.

Vietnamese e-Visa Application Procedures

As compared to the offline process of application, the online process is simpler and more convenient. You can use any device like smartphone or PC for Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand online.

Not only is the application process easy to understand, it is not at all time taking once you have all the required documents with you. When applying, remember that each individual must have their own New Zealand passport for obtaining the visa because it cannot be shared between two individuals or a group.

Once the applicants have filled in the application form, they must go through it once again to ensure accuracy. The details about their stay in Vietnam such as the address of the hotel, its name, dates of stay etc., must be mentioned too.