September 26, 2020
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Where to Get Vietnam Visa Online : Using a Local Agency OR Government Website?

Are you going to Vietnam soon? First of all, you need to get a Vietnam visa online. If you do not have a visa, you cannot enter Vietnam for your holiday.

So where do you get a Vietnam visa online? You can apply for a Vietnam visa online from any local agencies. These agencies offer assistance for all kinds of visa applications. On their website, you can simply fill out the visa application form with your name, passport number, and other important details. After 5 business days, you will receive your Vietnam visa through email.

Using a Local Agency for Vietnam Visa Application

Using the assistance service of a local agency in Vietnam can make the process of application easier. They will help you with all the steps of getting a visa so you can travel to Vietnam Their online application process is quick and easy. If you have questions, their knowledgeable staff will be there to offer support.

It is highly recommended that you get the Vietnam E-visa. This is an online visa that will be sent to your email. When you receive the visa, you can print it and bring it with you to Vietnam. Another visa that you can get is the visa on arrival. You also need to apply for this visa online, but the visa will be attached to your passport at the airport.

Here’s How to Apply for a Vietnam Visa Online

Here are the four easy steps to get a Vietnam visa online:

  1. Start by answering the online application form. This is a very important step to get your Vietnam visa online. Enter your complete name, passport number, nationality, birth date, and other important details about yourself.
  2. Next, submit the requirements. You will be asked to submit a copy of your passport. Aside from the passport, you also need to send a photo. The photo should be recent and with white background.
  3. Prepare your card for the payment of the visa processing fee. They accept Visa, MasterCard, and American Express. PayPal is also accepted. Then submit your application to confirm the payment.
  4. Wait for an email. When your visa is approved, they will send an email for your visa copy. Print the visa and now you can fly to Vietnam for your holiday.

How to Get Pre-approval Letter for Vietnam Visa on Arrival

Since the Vietnam E-visa is only good for 30 days, some tourists should get the Visa on Arrival if they want to stay in Vietnam for more than a month. A pre-approval letter is needed for this type of visa. Here’s how to get the pre-approval letter for a Vietnam visa on arrival.

  1. Start by fill out the online application form. Enter all the important details, such as your complete name, passport details, and birthdate. These details are needed for the processing of the visa so make sure they are correct.
  2. Go to the next page for the payment. The cost will depend on the type of visa you will get. You can choose from single entry or multiple entries. The number of days is 30 days or 60 days. Enter your card details to pay then submit.
  3. Wait for an email for the pre-approval letter. If the visa is approved, you will receive a copy of the letter. You should print the letter and bring this with you to Vietnam.
  4. When you arrive at the airport, proceed to the Visa Landing Counter. Here, submit your passport, letter, and other requirements. Pay the stamping fee with cash and then they will attach the visa to your passport.

Vietnam E-visa Versus Visa on Arrival

There are two kinds of Vietnam visa that you can get online. One is the Vietnam e-visa and the other is visa on arrival. So which type of visa should you get?

If you only need to visit Vietnam for a short time, the Vietnam e-visa is good. This visa is a single entry and will let you stay in Vietnam for 30 days. But if you need to stay in Vietnam longer, the visa on arrival is what you should get. This visa can be used for multiple entries and with a maximum stay of 60 days.

Remember that the visa on arrival can only be claimed at the airports of Vietnam. So if you will enter by land, the Vietnam e-visa is what you need to get. Cruise passengers can also use the e-visa so they can enter through the seaport.

If you are confused about how to get a Vietnam visa online, you can ask assistance from a visa-processing agency. They will give you advice on the right kind of visa that you should get for your trip to Vietnam. The agency will also help in the processing of your Vietnam visa online.


If you are a foreigner and you want to visit Vietnam, you need to apply for a Vietnam visa in advance. A visa is needed before you can enter the country.

Australians have always been among the top foreign visitors of Vietnam. Last year, there were almost 400.

If you plan on visiting Vietnam soon, you need to apply for your Vietnam visa ahead of time. Although some visitors are able to enter Vietnam with no visa required, most foreigners must have a visa with them.