December 12, 2020
Visa tips

Why Visitors Prefer to Apply Vietnam Visa at the Official Website?

Vietnam has become one of the most popular tourist destinations in Southeast Asia today, and that is for a good reason. It’s home to stunning natural attractions, from the gorgeous beaches in Phu Quoc to the mountainous villages of Sa Pa. Vietnam is also home to lots of cultural and historical sights, not to mention the delicious and affordable cuisines.

Just like with visiting other countries, it’s important to know ahead if you need a visa to enter Vietnam. Most foreign visitors to Vietnam needed a visa to enter the country. There are a few nationalities that are exempted from the Vietnam visa. However, the stay is only limited to 15 days or 30 days.

If you need a visa to enter Vietnam, the first thing that you need to do is to go online and apply for a visa at the official website. The process is so easy. You just need to fill out the form and you will get the visa copy after a few days.

What Is the Official Website for Vietnam Visa?

When you search for the official website for a Vietnam visa, you will surely be given lots of results. That’s because there’s no official website for a Vietnam visa. What you saw are websites from different agencies that are authorized by the Vietnam Immigration to process Vietnam visas online.

But be very careful with the website that you will choose. Make sure they are trustworthy and will not scam you of your money. Read reviews about them and find out the experiences of customers when using the website for their visa application. Try to reach out to the agency behind the website to find out more information about them. They should be able to assist you with your concerns. If they cannot answer your questions, then consider that a red flag. Always do your research and find out if the website is reliable before you start applying for your Vietnam visa.

Why Should You Apply for Vietnam Visa Online?

Although it is still possible to apply for a Vietnam visa through the agency or consulate, there are many good reasons why foreign visitors to Vietnam would choose to apply for their visa online. Here are some of the reasons:

👉 Easy and convenient – when you apply for a visa from the official website of Vietnam agencies, you will not need to go to an embassy to send your application. The application can be done online so all you need is a computer and Internet connection. You can apply it right in the comfort of your home, in your hotel room, or anywhere else!

👉 Fast processing – it will only take 3 – 5 business days for your Vietnam visa to be approved. From the time you submit it online, the agency that will receive your application will immediately forward it to Vietnam Immigration. After about 3 business days, you will receive a reply to your email. If it’s approved, the visa copy will be sent to you.

👉 Can be used in all border entries – another reason why visitors prefer to apply for a visa at the official website is that the visa can be used to enter several entry points in Vietnam. So even if you are not entering through the Vietnam airport, you can use the visa to enter at land border entries or seaports. This is a great visa to use for those who will be crossing through land borders and tourists who are going on a cruise.

How To Apply for Vietnam Visa Online?

Applying for a Vietnam visa at the official website online is so easy. Here’s how:

  1. Visit the cheap and reliable website.
  2. Click on the button that says “Vietnam Visa Application”.
  3. Fill out the form with your name, passport number, and other important details.
  4. Proceed to the next page and submit the requirements needed. The requirements include a copy of your passport. You may also be asked to submit passport-sized photos.
  5. Next, pay for the processing fee. This should cost around $25 only but will depend on the agency you have chosen to apply for the visa. You can pay with your card or PayPal account. Submit the payment and wait for a confirmation.
  6. After 3 -5 business days, you will receive a copy of your e-visa. Print the visa and bring it on your trip to Vietnam. Show the printed copy at the Immigration Counter along with your passport.

As you can see, applying for a visa at the official website of Vietnam visa is easy. Just make sure you choose the right agency for your visa application. Read reviews and refer to the “About” section to find out more information about the agency. Ask questions by sending them an email if you have any doubts.