January 28, 2020
Visa On Arrival

A Guide to Vietnam Visa on Arrival Via Hai Phong City Airport

Gone are those days when you need to travel to an embassy office to apply for a fresh Vietnam visa. Ever since the Government of Vietnam brought in the Visa on Arrival program, travellers couldn’t be happier with a comfort and ease of procuring their visa to travel to Vietnam. If you need to learn more about this online visa application facility, read on:

What is Vietnam Visa on Arrival?

Visa on Arrival, the convenient online application program offered thru reputable visa agencies with the intention to ease the visa application process. You can start applying for your visa online through the website of the visa agency. When your application gets approved, you can get your visa stamped after arriving at the Hai Phong City airport.

How to Apply for Visa on Arrival?

Before beginning your application, do a thorough research on a visa agency to ensure that it is not a scam. A visa agency that is legit with good success rates is what you should be looking for.

  1. Assuming that you have found a reputable visa agency, start by visiting their website and head to the Visa on Arrival application page.
  2. Fill out the online application form. Make sure the details entered accurately matches, to prevent any complications in the future.
  3. After your application is complete, pay the service fee online, as specified by the website. Upon successful payment, your application will get processed.
  4. Once the Vietnamese immigration department approves your application, an approval letter reaches your email. Print this letter before leaving for Vietnam.
  5. Once you reach the Hai Phong City airport in Vietnam, go to the landing visa desk. Show your printed approval letter for verification.
  6. After successful verification, you will receive your visa stamped. An additional fee known as stamping fee must be paid here.
  7. Show your visa at check in, and enjoy your stay in Vietnam.

Types of Visa Offered:

With the Visa on Arrival program, the applicant has access to a variety of visas. He can choose it depending on the requirements.

There are two main kinds of visa including:

  1. Single entry visa
  2. Multiple entries visa

Single Entry Visa: If you intend to visit and stay in Vietnam for a few days, you may apply for a single-entry visa. Once you exit Vietnam, your visa will stay invalid, regardless of its expiry date.

Multiple Entries Visa: If you have plans to visit Vietnam multiple times within a stipulated time period, multiple entries visa is your perfect choice. You can enter and exit the country any number of times, provided your visa is valid.

Once you have decided on the type of visa you require, it now comes down to your purpose of visit. You get to choose between tourist visa and business visa.

If you are planning to visit Vietnam for a trip with your family or friends, tourist visa is your choice. Or, if visiting Vietnam is part of your official or business trip, business visa is the one you need to apply for.

Total Applicable Cost for Visa on Arrival:

The total cost of Vietnam Visa on arrival comprises of service fee and stamping fee, mentioned in the procedure above.

1) Service Fee

Service fee is the one that you need to pay to the agent when you are applying for a visa online. This fee varies depending on your citizenship and the type of visa you are applying for. The accurate fees applicable will be displayed on the agency’s website.

2) Stamping Fee

Stamping fee is the official fee charged by the Vietnam government. For single entry visas, the applicable stamping fee is $25. However, for multiple entries visa, it is $50. Similarly, a 6-month business visa will have a Stamping fee of $95. While that of a 1-year business visa costs $135 as Stamping fee.

What Do You Require for Visa on Arrival?

  1. A passport with at least 6 months validity
  2. At least one blank Page in passport
  3. A valid email address
  4. A credit card or PayPal for online payment of service fee

Benefits of Visa on Arrival:

Visa on Arrival is a successful program as it offers the following benefits:

  • You can apply for a visa anytime, anywhere. All you need is a device connected to the internet to begin your application process.
  • The application process is much faster than that of embassy.
  • Visa on Arrival makes it possible to obtain a visa at cheaper rates.
  • Reputable visa agencies such as visas.com.vn provide 100% money back guarantee for applications rejected by the government. Full refund will also be provided for unsatisfied customers with the application experience.

Note: The Visa on Arrival program is only open to travellers who wish to visit Vietnam by air. Travelers can enter and exit Vietnam only through the international airports including the Hai Hong City Airport. If you are willing to enter the country by land or sea, you will have to apply for an e-Visa.

For any queries or assistance with regards to your Visa on Arrival application, talk to the experts of a professional visa agency today.


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