November 7, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

All About Vietnam E-visa For Chinese New Passport (e-passport with with nine-dash line map)

Are you a dweller of China and want to visit a breathtaking nation like Vietnam? Well, if that is the case, then you got to apply for the Vietnam e-visa as soon as possible. The primary reason that most of the people are applying for this type of e-visa is the hassle free application procedure that it offers you.

After you have successfully procured this particular e-visa, you will be able to stay in Vietnam for 30 days, single entry.

From 01 Feb, 2019, Vietnam Immigration Department has added more 35 countries to the Vietnam e-visa program, including China Mainland, Hong Kong (China) and Macau (China).

Crucial point

– The new Chinese passport (e-passport of Chinese) with nine-dash line map is NOT accepted to apply for Vietnam e-visa. Only Old version passport of China – Passport number starts with letter “G” is accepted for Vietnam e-visa.

– Old version of Hong Kong passport (passport number begin with letter “K”) is accept for Vietnam e-visa BUT new version of Hong Kong passport – passport number starts with letter “H” can not apply for e-Visa Vietnam.

– Hong Kong Document of Identity for Visa Purposes (HKDI) [香港特別行政區簽證身份書] – passport number begin with letter “D” is not approved for Vietnam e-visa.

– Hong Kong citizens who hold British National Oversea – BNO is is not approved for Vietnam e-visa.

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What to do if my Vietnam e-visa is not approved ?

If you Vietnam e-visa is not approved, please apply for the visa at the embassy or Vietnam visa on arrival.

The Benefits of a Vietnam e-visa

If you are staying in China and want to experience a beautiful stay session all the way to Vietnam, then applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Chinese can make your dream come true. And there are also several benefits that it offers you other than the conventional Vietnamese visas.

First of all, it lets you avoid the hassle of visiting an embassy time and again along with all the necessary credentials that are required to be submitted. Also, since the entire of the application is made online, you can be rest assured from any sort of risk factor involved while you are making the application.

More importantly, while applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Chinese, you also don’t need to submit a lot of documents at a go and only a few documents submission is required for the entire application process to get over. Opting for an offline visa application means standing in long queues for hours and carrying a bunch documents in person to get through the entire application procedure. On the contrary, when applying for this particular e-visa, you can also save your time as well as energy up to a reasonable extent.

What are the documents required for Chinese to apply Vietnam e-visa?

If the applicant wants to successfully get through the entire online visa application process for the Vietnam e-visa for Chinese, then he/she has to submit a few necessary documents online that also through an out and out pdf format. As a matter of fact, this visa allows the grant of application to 81 globally approved countries that include a few of the European Union states, UK, Australia as well as US (Country list for Vietnam e-visa).

Hence, in order to get through the entire application process in a hassle free manner, the applicant needs to submit the below given documents. A few of those documents can be considered as follows:

  • Must have a passport from any of the 81 nations concerned
  • Must provide a digitally scanned version of the biographical page of the passport
  • Must provide a digitally scanned version of his/her passport sized photograph (Photo Guide)
  • Must pay the online e-visa application fees either through debit or credit card

What is the personal information required?

When it comes to providing the personal information while undergoing the entire application process for the Vietnam e-visa for Chinese, they can be considered as follows:

  • Personal Facts: Complete address, full name, date of birth etc.
  • Passport Details: Nationality, expiry date, passport number etc.
  • Travel Plans: Dates (that includes the commencement of your trip to its conclusion), complete address of your hotel etc.

After the applicant has submitted a few of these basics in terms of credentials submission, he/she must double check the entire submission process time and again. And if not done, it can lead to either the unreasonable delay of procession or abrupt cancellation of the concerned e-visa. And his/her prepared e-visa will be sent in a pdf format via an email.

The various purposes of travel

Well, there can be reasons aplenty for which the applicant will be required to travel all the way to Vietnam. A few of those purposes can be considered as follows:

  • Tourism Purpose
  • Journalism Purpose
  • Short employment or labor purpose
  • Studies Purpose
  • For investing in a Vietnamese enterprise
  • For visiting friends or relatives to name just a few

Here is the link of the government website for Vietnam e-visa : – Please note that the e-visa fee at the government website is US$25 and it’s non-refundable. Please make sure no error or mistake before making the payment since there is no support to change or amend.

In case you are beginners, you can apply your e-visa through our easy visa application form with 24/7 support and 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied.