February 4, 2020
Vietnam Landing Visa

All You Need To Know About Vietnam Landing Visa in Hai Phong City Airport

Are you planning to visit Vietnam? Then it is one of the wise decisions while planning for a trip during your vacation. Vietnam is one of the most beautiful places to visit. To apply for a Vietnam landing visa in Hai Phong city Airport, you need to choose a travel agency that could make your process easy, time saving and hassle-free one.

Why Choose Vietnam Landing Visa To Visit Vietnam?

Choosing Vietnam landing visa in Hai Phong city Airport offers various benefits to the passengers and a few are mentioned below.

Save Your Time

As you know, one of the traditional methods of applying for Vietnam visa is contacting the Vietnam embassy at your country. Here you need to wait in a long queue to complete the visa application form. You may need to spend the whole day to apply for the Vietnam visa via embassy. Also, you need to take all the original documents to apply for the visa.

But, when it comes to Vietnam landing visa in Hai Phong city Airport you no need to standing in long queue to apply for your visa. All you need is internet connected device to apply the visa. You need to fill the online application form provided in the website to apply your visa. You can apply from anywhere at any time. It just takes 5 to 10 minutes to apply for the Vietnam landing visa.

Fast Process

When it comes to applying visa via embassy, the process of applying the visa takes more time. Similarly, the visa approval process may take more than seven days. So if you need to travel urgently, then contacting the embassy will not be suitable for you.

On the other hand, by applying for Vietnam landing visa, you can get the visa approval letter to your email within two to three business days. In case, if you choose the rush visa option, then you can get the visa approval letter to your email on the same day of applying the visa. You may need to pay a little additional charge for the service.

Various Options Available

When you apply Vietnam visa via embassy, you don’t have various options to choose from. It means, you can get only the ordinary visa. You may not have the option to choose emergency or rush visa.

But, in the Vietnam landing visa type, you can have various options including rush visa option. It helps you get the visa approval letter within a day and you can travel to Vietnam on the same day.


While contacting the embassy for visa, you need to take all your documents to the embassy to apply for the visa. This makes you stress. In case, if you lose your original documents in the rush, then it will be an additional task to get your originals.

But, by applying for Vietnam landing visa in Hai Phong city Airport, you no need to have the documents with you for applying the visa. Make sure to know all the details in the passport to fill the application form correctly. Some of the details asked in the online application form include

  • Full name as in your passport
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Email id
  • Passport number
  • Age
  • Sex
  • Date of birth
  • Passport validity
  • Port of entry
  • Port of exit
  • Entry date
  • Exit date
  • Type of visa, etc.

Save Money

While applying for Vietnam e-visa, you need to pay more money compared to visa applying via embassy and Vietnam landing visa. Even though you get your visa approval earlier, you need to pay more.

In case of Vietnam landing visa in Hai Phong city Airport, the cost of applying the visa is less compared to Vietnam e-visa option.

How To Apply For Vietnam Landing Visa?

Initially, you need to choose the right travel agency that provides reliable service to the passengers. Then complete the online application form provided in the website. Make sure to provide the correct details to get your visa approval letter. In case, if you provide wrong details, then your application may get rejected. So be careful while filling the application form. Then pay the service fee using your credit/debit card.

Then within two or three days you will receive your visa approval letter to your email. Take a print of it and submit it in the destination airport to get your visa on the passport. At the immigration department, you need to pay the stamping fee. You need to pay 25 USD for single entry visa and 50 USD for multiple entries visa. Then the immigration officer will stamp the visa on your passport.

If you have opted for fast track service, then the staff will complete all the formalities and hand-over your passport with visa to you. If you have paid for porter service, then the porter will take care of the luggage claim and carry your luggage to the parking area. And keep the luggage in the vehicle you are about to travel. So while applying for Vietnam landing visa, you can pay a little amount to book your fast track service.


Are you planning to apply for Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Hai Phong city airport? Then it is a good idea! You can enjoy the spots in Hai Phong city, Vietnam. Hai Phong city is the third most populous metropolis in the country.

Gone are those days when you need to travel to an embassy office to apply for a fresh Vietnam visa. Ever since the Government of Vietnam brought in the Visa on Arrival program, travellers couldn’t be happier with a comfort and ease of procuring their visa to travel to Vietnam.

Airports can be overwhelming for travelers.  Many tourists fear the day when they have to stand in lines for hours to complete the necessary processes at the airport.