February 28, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Are You A Qatar Citizen? Know How To Apply For Cheap Vietnam E-Visa!

Qatar citizens who are willing to visit Vietnam for any purpose need a valid visa to enter Vietnam. Are you a Qatar citizen and planning for a Vietnam trip? Wondering how to apply for a visa? When will you get it? What are the types of visa available? Then continue reading this article to get insight into the cheap Vietnam visa application process.

To apply a Vietnam visa, the Qatar citizens has three options. You can choose one from them based on your convenience. But, most people prefer applying for Vietnam e-visa due to various reasons. To know the reasons, read this article till the end. The three visa application options are

  • Contacting the Vietnam embassy at Qatar
  • Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival
  • Choosing Vietnam e-visa option

Contacting the Vietnam embassy at Qatar

It is the traditional method of applying for a Vietnam visa. Here, you need to go to the Vietnam embassy located at West Bay Lagoon, P.O. Box: 23595 Doha, Qatar. There you have to wait in the queue to apply your visa. You must take all the documents that are needed for applying your visa. Failing to bring any of the necessary documents may make you visit the embassy once again for applying the visa. You will get the visa only after 7 business days. Also, you need to visit the embassy once again to get your visa.

These processes make people waste their precious time. So, most people prefer choosing the e-visa option for applying the Vietnam visa.

Applying for Vietnam visa on arrival

The Vietnam visa on arrival method helps you apply your Vietnam visa even from your home. You can apply from anywhere at any time based on your convenience. After applying the visa, you will get the visa approval letter to your email within 5 to 6 business days. You need to submit the hard copy of the visa approval letter at the destination airport to get your visa stamped on the passport.

The disadvantage of choosing Vietnam visa on arrival methods are

– Have to pay stamping fee.

– You need to wait at the immigration office to get your visa stamped on your passport.

– Only opt to travel via air. You cannot travel via sea or land since the visa on arrival is applicable only at 5 international airports at Vietnam namely

Vietnam e-visa option

Vietnam e-visa option is considered as one of the easiest ways of applying the Vietnam visa. Here, you need to connect your mobile or computer to internet and complete the online visa application form. To get the form, you need to choose the right travel agency. After completing the application form, you need to pay the visa application fee using your credit or debit card. Cash payment is not applicable. Before apply the visa, you need to make sure that your passport contains at least 6 months validity with one blank page.

Then you will receive the visa approval letter to your email within two or three business days. If you need a rush visa, you can get it within one day. But you have to pay extra charge for that. You have to submit the hard copy of the visa approval letter at the destination port to enter into the country.

Types of visa available

While opting for cheap Vietnam e-visa for Qatar citizens, you will have two types of visa to choose from. They are

  • Tourist visa
  • Business visa

Both the tourist visa and business visa is single entry visa with 30 days validity. So you can stay in Vietnam for a maximum of 30 days with the e-visa. If you need to extend the visa validity, you can contact the travel agency. You have to pay for it. Also, you cannot go to your country and come back to Vietnam using the same visa even before it does expire.

Advantages of e-visa over other visa options

  • You can avoid the long queue in front of the embassy
  • No need of original documents to apply the visa
  • Stamping fee is not needed with Vietnam e-visa option
  • No need to stand in queue at the immigration office to stamp your visa
  • Quick and easy process
  • You can travel through any port: sea port, land port and air port

When you need to apply for a cheap Vietnam visa, you need to choose a reliable travel agency to make your visa application process a stress-free one. You can contact Vietnamimmigration.org for your Vietnam visa application needs.


Here’s the good news for citizens of Qatar who are visiting Vietnam soon. Getting a visa to the country is now so easy.