May 23, 2020
Visa tips

Benefits of Applying Visa Online for Dutch

Comparing to applying for a visa via the embassy, applying for a visa via the online method (visa on arrival, and Vietnam e-visa for Dutch) will be beneficial. Here is how!

Before the presence of the digital way of applying for a visa, if Dutch citizens want to apply for their visa, they should visit their nearby embassy, and wait in a long queue. And, when your time comes, you have to submit your original documents, which required applying for a visa. If you forget to bring any of the document that is needed, you have to go back to collect the document and return to the embassy. Here you will waste your time and money for nothing. And here, it takes more than four days for visa approval process.

Once your visa got approved, you need to check-in the embassy to collect it. Here, many people lost their original documents in a hurry. This makes the visa applying process a difficult one. To make the visa applying process as an easiest, time-saving, cost-effective, and stress-free one, the Vietnam immigration department permitted the visa on arrival and Vietnam e-visa for Dutch online method for applying for a visa.

Here are the benefits of applying visa via online,

  • Apply for your visa by yourself, and within a few minutes, you can get the applying process over.
  • Your money will be return back, if your applications rejected by the government, or if you are not satisfied with the travel agency’s service.
  • Your original certificates will be safeguarded
  • Don’t have to spend your valuable time and money on traveling to the embassy
  • No need to visit the embassy to collect your visa
  • The payment process is easy
  • Within two to three days, your visa will approve. For the customers who added on the express service, the visa gets approved even within a day of applying.

When it comes to the processing time of the Vietnam e-visa for Dutch, it hardly takes three days at the most. But if you don’t apply for your e-visa at least 7 days before your trip, you may face some issues.

It costs $25 regardless purpose of the visa if you apply for an e-visa at the website of the government

Dutch passport holders must apply for the Vietnam e-visa at least a week before the beginning of your Vietnam trip. If you do so, then the concerned immigration department will get adequate time to verify all your personal details duly.

Remember that the Vietnam e-visa for Dutch has a validity of only 30 days. So if your trip to Vietnam is more than a month, then you better choose a different type of visa.

The processing time of Vietnam e-visa for Dutch is usually take 3 business days. There are instances when the processing could take a long time.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in Netherlands 🇳🇱? Please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in Netherlands Address: Nassauplein 12, 2585 EB The Hague – The Netherlands 🇳🇱 Telephone : 3648917, 3644300 Fax : 3648656 Code :00-31-70 Email: