January 25, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Benefits of Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Quoc Island Airport!

Vietnam is one of the beautiful tourist spots in the world. If you are in search of a place for your next vacation, Vietnam should be your best bet. It is a country filled with beautiful landscapes, mountains, and impressive picturesque scenery. You can spend a whole lot of time in Vietnam, making a bunch of memories to cherish. Now let us discuss Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Quoc Island Airport.

Vietnam Visa on arrival – some picks for you:

Visa on arrival is in to use for so many years to help the tourist or other visitors to Vietnam. Vietnam visa on arrival helps saves money and time. Vietnam Visa on arrival is by the Vietnam Government and immigration department. The name itself says the place where you can get a Vietnam visa. Vietnam Visa on arrival means Vietnam visa picked upon arrival at the airport in Vietnam. Note: some Vietnam visa has some requirements met before you get your visa stamped.

  • Original passport with at least six-month validity
  • Stamping fee in USD. Pay this fee to the immigration officer. Its accepted in cash only.

The procedure to get a visa on arrival is straightforward, money-saving, and comfortable.


Some foreigners have doubts about the legality of visa on arrival. Is it guaranteed? Is it legal? Yes and yes.

  • Vietnam visa on arrival is lawful. Its in Vietnam immigration laws of Foreign Affairs. Hence its endorsed by the government of Vietnam.
  • Besides to this, the visa on arrival recognized by the international air traffic Associates. Hence it is not strange to the tourism industry.
  • Besides, Vietnam Visa on arrival is under Vietnam immigration laws of Vietnam Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Thus as an overseas traveller, you can stop worrying about your legitimacy issues on Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Quoc Island Airport.

What are the advantages of getting Vietnam Visa on arrival?

Getting Vietnam Visa on arrival offers so many benefits to foreign applicants. The perks of this can meet even the prickliest customers.

  • It is convenient, and trouble-free for everyone and the Vietnam visa procedures carried out online.
  • All It takes is as little as 1 hour to 48 hours for Vietnam visa processing. It depends entirely on your level of urgency. Besides, it is faster compared to the Embassy visa.
  • Because only USD 20 charged for a month’s stay. Vietnam visa fee is cheap.
  • You can easily correct any mistakes. All you should do is make a phone call or send an email or raise requests directly on their website. To help you change the miss entered information, they are available 24/ 7. You can get your information changed even if your arrival time is in the next hours.

Processing time Vietnam Visa on arrival:

For clients wanting Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Quoc Island Airport from Australia, America, or the UK or from close by countries like Brunei or China, can get urgent or regular Vietnam visa service. The processing time of Vietnam Visa approval will complete within just:

  • One working day for urgent service.
  • Two working days for normal service.
  • Two to four working hours for super urgent service.
  • The offer services even at the non-working time, at the weekend, holidays except the night time.

Before getting on board:

There is a piece of good news! The Vietnam Visa on arrival application done online wholly. What you should do is connect to the internet with your mobile on your computer. Then:

  1. Fill in the visa form online.
  2. Pay the approval fee online.
  3. You will get the visa approval letter generally after one or two days. In urgent services, you will be getting the visa within 1 to 4 hours. It can even processed on non-working time. Keep checking your email and take a printout of your visa approval letter.

After entering the Vietnam airport, get your visa stamped in Vietnam on arrival airport. For this you should submit:

  • Your original passport
  • Printed Vietnam visa on arrival letter
  • Two passport size photos
  • Stamping fee directly to the immigration officers

At the immigration desk, the immigration officer, will Stamp your visa. That is it, welcome to Vietnam and enjoy a good time! What are the advantages of a Vietnam visa on arrival?

  • Non-working time service on holidays or weekends.
  • Super urgent services within one hour.
  • Fast track Meet and greet services: The staff will pick you at the gate with a welcome board. Then they will collect documents from you and complete the procedures at the immigration counter. If you book this service, you will wait only for few minutes at Vietnam airport instead of waiting in the long queue for hours.

With a reliable agency, get your Vietnam visa on arrival via Phu Quoc Island Airport and enjoy your vacation between the gorgeous sceneries.


If Vietnam is not in your travelling bucket list, you should consider spending a vacation here. Vietnam is one of the most attractive countries in Asia.

As of March 2015 the Phu Quoc International Airport is now setup to process Vietnam Visa on arrival.  Vietnam Visa On Arrival Is Now Available In Phu Quoc Island It is now possible to obtain your Vietnam Visa at the Phu Quoc International Airport upon arrival (VOA).