March 28, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Cheap Vietnam Visa for Comorian Applying Options

Usually, to visit and stay in Vietnam, we can apply for a Vietnam visa in three methods. One is applying for a visa at the embassy, the next one is applying for a visa under visa on arrival, and then via e-visa. But unfortunately, applying the visa via e-visa method is not permitted for Comorian. However, don’t need to panic as you can apply for your cheap Vietnam visa for Comorian under visa on arrival method or at the embassy. So, which is a reliable method to apply for a visa? Probably, this may be your question, and the answer for you is applying via visa on arrival! Wondering why? Know the reasons here in this article.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

Cheap Vietnam Visa for Comorian Via Visa on Arrival 

Why Visa on arrival, and not embassy? If you choose to apply for your Vietnam visa for Comorian at the embassy, you have to visit the embassy, and submit all your original documents at the embassy. In addition, you have to wait in a long queue even that takes more than half a day to submit your documents. In case, if you forget to take any of your original certificate that is must to apply for your visa, you have to go to your house and check in the embassy again to start the process again. Since the embassy work only on business days, you have to take leave to apply for your visa. Even though after finishing all this work, you have to wait for four to five days to get your visa approved.

But, with a visa on arrival option, you don’t have to face all these inconveniences; all you have to do is, hire the right travel agency that has a 100% risk-free website. Here, you have to apply for your visa by tying the details that are asked for. Some of the details will be asked are, your name, DOB, nationality, visa type, visa purpose, entry-exit time, entry port, and more. Also, you will ask to attach your scanned photo and passport front page. Finally, you have to make the cheap Vietnam visa for Comorian service fee and submit the application. This application process will take only a few minutes, and you can apply it from anywhere since it is an online process.

Things to Make Sure Before Applying 

  • Hiring a trustworthy travel agency that has 100% website
  • Know the details that need to fill in the application
  • Type the details without any typo, and check twice before submitting it
  • The travel agency you choose offer refund in case of visa rejecting
  • Travel agency with fast track service
  • Passport with 6 month validity

Benefits of applying for Your Visa at Visa on Arrival Method

Your visa application will get approved within two business days. In case if you add on to the express service, your visa will approve on the day of you applied.

Visa express service options

  • Two working hours – Extra charge of $80
  • Four working hours – Extra Charge of $25
  • Eight working hours – Extra charge of $15
  • Two working days – No extra fee

For ComorianVisa on arrival comes with four different types of visas. They are 3 months multiple entries, 3 months single entry, 1 month multiple entries, and 1 month single entry.

By choosing to apply for your visa at the travel agency, you can also apply for the fast track service that helps you with visa process in the airport.

Here’s below some reason to apply for your visa on arrival :

  • Your 100% money will refund in case of visa rejection.
  • If your visa application rejects, the professionals will let you know the reasons, and help apply again.
  • You can finish the visa application process in a few minutes by in your house or office. And you don’t have to visit any other place like an embassy.
  • You can directly apply for your cheap Vietnam visa for Comorian without depending on others.
  • Your travel agency will guide you in the visa application process.
  • As per your need, you can choose a single entry or multiple entries visa type.
  • With this method, you can apply form one month visa to three-month visa.
  • Like applying at the embassy, you won’t waste your time and money in standing in a long queue and check-in embassy.
  • You even can edit the application that you submit by paying extra.
  • From applying the visa to visiting Vietnam, the professional will help guide you with the entry process.

The Bottom Line

No matter whether you want to apply for a one month visa or three-month visa for tourist purposes, you can rely on a visa on arrival. For that, you have to hire a reputable travel agency that has a 100% risk-free website.

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