January 25, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Checklist Alert: What you should know for Vietnam e-visa for Colombia

Vietnam is one of the most beautiful countries in entire North-East Asia. If you are residing in Columbia and wish to visit Vietnam, you can now do that quite easily. Wondering how? With the introduction of the Vietnam e-visa for Colombia, visiting Vietnam has become easier than ever before. This type of visa is basically an online visa which you can apply from your home as well. With this visa, you can reside in Vietnam either less than or for 30 days. Besides, it’s a single entry visa, which means you can visit the country single time only. So, hurry! Apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Colombia today and visit Vietnam from Columbia in a hassle-free manner.

What is the cost of the Vietnam e-visa for Colombia?

It cost you $25 if you apply your e-visa through government website https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn/ – Government website run non-refundable policy. Please make sure no error or mistake when applying your e-visa via government website.

Comercial website for Vietnam e-visa offer 100% money back guarantee but the fee is higher. There are two types of costs charged for the e-visa for Columbian citizens. The first one is $35 USD for tourists and the second one is $55 USD for a business purpose. The entire payment of the e-visa is quite easy and simple as well. All you need for that is a valid debit or credit card. Subsequently, your entire visa application procedure will get over within minutes. Most importantly, your concerned visa application website will accept the visa charge from you once your visa application gets successful.

See Vietnam visa fees for update.

Required Documents

Before you apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Colombia, you need to submit the following documents. Some of these documents can be considered as follows:

  • A valid credit or debit card to make the payment of your visa
  • A digital version of your passport-sized photograph. This will be required to upload on the online application form. Photo Guide.
  • A passport that is valid at least for 6 months. Remember, that you need to scan the first two pages of your passport which contains your personal information.
  • An authentic email address in order to get the various information related to your e-visa status.

What to do in case the visa application gets delayed?

It may be the case that you don’t receive your e-visa within 3 working days. Even people have tried to track their e-visa status via their concerned Vietnam Immigration Department but failed. If you are also inflicted with the same situation, then you can conform to the below-mentioned strategies:

  • You can track your e-visa status on any government website by putting your confirmation code unmistakably.
  • Make sure you receive a PDF format of your e-visa to your personal email ID. If that does not happen, then you can contact your concerned Vietnam Immigration Department duly.
  • To the best of suggestion, apply for your Vietnam e-visa for Colombia at least a fortnight back before your Vietnam trip begins. This will provide your concerned Immigration Department enough time to process your e-visa, in case they have overlooked it.

If you conform to any of these strategies and methods effectively, then you can definitely procure your e-visa successfully.

A few noteworthy facts about the Vietnam e-visa for Colombia

There are a few essential facts related to the Vietnam e-visa for Colombia that every applicant must be aware of. Some of these facts and figures can be considered as follows:

  1. The Vietnamese e-visa allows you a single entry for 30 days. It implies that with this visa, you can stay in Vietnam solo and not for more than 30 days.
  2. When it comes to your e-visa approval, it takes around 3 days for it to get approved.
  3. Remember, once you have paid the application charge for your Vietnam e-visa for Colombia, it won’t be refunded. For instance, if your e-visa gets canceled due to any substantial reason, you won’t get your visa application cost refunded in any way.
  4. You need to choose specifically the type of airport via which you will enter Vietnam. On the contrary, changing your already chosen airport post your e-visa application is not allowed.
  5. Some applicants may not receive their e-visa on time if their e-visa system has a dearth of proper infrastructure.
  6. You might not get access to the various governmental e-visa websites. The primary reason behind this can be the preoccupation of their application portal with oodles of applicants.
  7. The Vietnam e-visa for Colombia allows you to stay in Vietnam for not more than 30 days. This implies that you cannot extend your e-visa after a period of 30 days is over.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa

Can Columbian passport holders apply?

The Columbian passport holders can certainly apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Colombia without any doubt. But, the passport has to be valid at least for 6 months and not less than that. The government has proclaimed the enactment of e-visa from 01 February 2017 applicable to 80 countries around the world that comprises Columbia as well.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa


Colombians are among those nationalities that are eligible for the Vietnam e-visa. This is an electronic visa that the Vietnamese government had started offering to foreign travelers since February of 2017.