January 25, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Checklist for getting Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan

Are you a dweller of Azerbaijan? Do you wish to fly all the way to Vietnam? If yes, then the Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan can definitely help you in this regard. Through this visa, you can stay in Vietnam for not more than 30 days. All you need to do is to apply for this visa online. Besides, you also need to submit a couple of important documents in their individual digitalized versions. Vietnam is a nation that whole-heartedly welcomes its visitors, no matter from which part of the globe they belong to. Every year an influx of tourists is seen in this bustling nation. So, if you are ardent about visiting Vietnam all the way from Azerbaijan, then apply for the said visa today.

How to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan?

Well, to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan, you need to conform to a few simple steps. The following steps being the:

  1. Go to the official website from where you are applying for your Vietnamese e-visa.
  2. Then upload the jpg. format of your passport in the online application form.
  3. Followed by this, upload the jpg. format of your passport-sized photograph as well. Photo Guide.
  4. Subsequently, fill in your application form along with a few necessary details. Some of these details include your name, address, your complete passport information, the date and time of your flight, etc.
  5. After you are done with this, you need to pay the visa fees for your e-visa accordingly either by using your debit or credit card.

Now, you will receive a registration code post the completion of your application. All you need is to save the number of your registration code accordingly.

After you have complied with all the aforesaid registration procedures, you will receive a Pdf format of your e-visa within 3 working days. Remember, you will get via an email within three working days from the date you have applied.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa

What are the documents required?

When applying for the Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan, you need to submit the following documents accordingly. Each of these documents have to be submitted in their individual Pdf formats. Some of the documents that will be required during the entire application process are:

  1. A digital copy of your passport valid at least for 6 months
  2. A valid email address
  3. A photograph of yours in a jpg format. Photo Guide.
  4. A valid debit or credit card in order to make the payment
  5. Evidence of a temporary address in Vietnam
  6. Complete information about your entry and exit dates

You need to submit all these documents to get through your visa application process effectively.

What is the expected processing times?

When it comes to the processing times of the Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan, it doesn’t take more than 3 days. However, the entire processing of your e-visa may get delayed for certain reasons. Some of these reasons include inexplicable complexities in your visa, inadequate submission of documents, etc. As soon as your visa has been processed, you will receive a Pdf format of it via an email.

Reasons to visit Vietnam

As already told above, the Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan is a completely online document that has to be applied online itself. With this, you can stay in Vietnam for not more than 30 days. You can visit and stay in Vietnam for any of the following reasons.

  • Tourism purposes
  • Investment purposes
  • Journalism purposes
  • Labor or employment purposes
  • For the sake of meeting a relative or friend
  • With the purpose of studying to name just a few

Who can apply?

An applicant holding a valid passport of 6 months can apply for this visa. Besides, you can apply if you belong to any of the eligible 80 countries. Some of these countries can be considered as follows:

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

If you belong to any of these aforesaid countries, then you can apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan at ease.

What this visa lets you do?

With the Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan, you can stay in Vietnam with any of the purposes stated above and that too for 30 days. This is a single entry visa and allows you to enter the country one time only. So, if you are also residing in Azerbaijan and wish to visit Vietnam, then apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Azerbaijan today with 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied. This information will surely help you to get the e-visa within a short span of time.


Good news for Azerbaijan citizens who are travelling to Vietnam soon. You can now apply for your visa to Vietnam online.