March 16, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Do the citizens of Benin need a visa to visit Vietnam?

Vietnam, you have probably seen this country in many movies. But nothing can prepare you for the epic beauty of travelling to this country. There is no denying that paying a visit to Vietnam for your next vacation is an experience filled with delicious food and natural beauty.

From man-made artistry of the sacred temples to the natural beauty of Ha Long Bay, Vietnam has a lot to offer to its visitors. You can do a lot in this country. Pack your bags and visit Vietnam to fall in love with the country’s food, beauty, and people.

Do the citizens of Benin need a visa to visit Vietnam?

Are you a Benin citizen who wants to spend your holiday in Vietnam? Then you should have a visa to enter the country. Usually, there are two simple procedures to get a visa for Vietnam.

You can either contact the Vietnam embassy for a visa or apply through visa on arrival. Unfortunately, there is no Vietnam embassy in Benin. Hence applying for a visa through the embassy becomes quite complicated for the natives.

If you are native to Benin and want to apply for a visa via the embassy, you have to visit the Vietnam embassy in a neighbouring country. You can also contact them over the email or telephone to know if the application process can be done over postal mail.

Why is visa on arrival the best compared to the embassy visa?

As discussed, there is no Vietnam embassy in Benin so, if you decide to travel to the embassy location, you have to spend on the local expenses and also the travel cost.

At the embassy, you have to fill the application form. With the duly filled application form, you have to submit a few documents like your original passport, recent passport size photograph, and a self-addressed envelope. Besides, you should also pay the Vietnam Visa Fee at the embassy of Vietnam. The embassy will take around five working days to process your application. Once your application is processed, you will get a fully stamped visa.

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Even though through this method you get a stamped Visa before you depart to Vietnam, consumes a lot of time. On the other hand, if you decide to apply for a visa by mail, you have to take a risk by sending all your documents, including your passport, through postal mail. In this case, the chances are high that you may lose your passport during the transit.

Hence the best way to get your cheap Vietnam visa is to apply through visa on arrival.

Visa on arrival:

In this method, you have to fill in an online application on the travel agency’s website, which will help you get your visa. There are a few personal details that has to be filled in the application form, such as your name, purpose of visit, occupation, etc. You can also select from options such as transit, business, and tourist visa while filling the application. Tourist visa comes with one month validity. A business visa comes one, three, and six months validity.

Once you submit the application, the process will take a couple of days to complete. Then you will be issued a letter of approval, which will be sent to your email. You should go through the details you entered in the application form and the details in the approval letter carefully. Take a printout of the letter of approval. It is required to submit on the visa on the approval counter at the airport you arrive. Here you must submit your passport, along with the Vietnam Visa Fee, to collect the visa on arrival documents.

Please note, visa on arrival facility applies to travellers who arrive in Vietnam by air. People who take the land or sea route, have to carry their documents before they reach the country.

Why is it essential to cross-check the visa application form?

If you are wondering why you have to cross-check the details you enter in the visa application form here is the answer. If you submit the visa application form with some errors it can even end up with the rejection of your visa application.

So if Vietnam is your next travel destination, get in touch with a reliable agency to apply for a visa. The agency you choose has to offer 100% refund of your money if in case your visa is rejected by the government of Vietnam.