May 26, 2020
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Frequently Asks About Vietnam e-Visa for Emirati Citizens

What is Vietnam e-Visa?

Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizens provides clearance for UAE nationals to enter and travel Vietnam. Payment and delivery of the visa is completely online, and probably takes 3-4 business days. Country list for Vietnam e-visa.

Difference between e-visa and visa on arrival

Emirati nationals can apply for visa on arrival after they arrive at any of the international checkout points of Vietnam. You are required to present the immigration authorities with required documents and fees at the dedicated counters at the airport. E-visa, on the other hand, you can generate online. You will have to pay the fees online and upload the necessary documents. You will receive your e-visa through email.

Number of days of stay

Emirati citizens can apply for single entry visa and multiple entry visas for Vietnam. With an e-visa, they only use it for single entry (for tourism or business purpose) with the maximum of 30-day stay. With visa on arrival, Emiratis can stay as long as for 30-90 days with single and multiple visits included for both tourism and business purpose.

Reapplication when expired

E-visa is only valid for 30 days. After expiry, you will have to leave the country. If you want to stay more without leaving the country, please email to for support.


Since the whole process is done through the online platform, individuals will receive their approved visa in their email. The authorities send the email once the process of verification is completed.

It is very important for all the individuals to meet all the documentation needs during the process of filling the application. Therefore, the steps required to receive the Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen are known to be very much straightforward and will take a few minutes for it to complete.

Yes, to enter the nation, the Vietnam visa for Emirati citizen is mandatory. It is an electronic alternative of the traditional visa approval process.

When it comes to the duration of the application process, it takes 1 day at the most. However, if the application process seems to a little problematic, it may take 3 days as well.

To apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen is as simple as it sounds. You need to go through a simple application procedure for that.

If you want to apply for this visa, you need to meet certain requirements duly. The Vietnam e-visa for Emirati citizen demands the compliance of a few requirements online.

What are documents required for an UAE passport holder in order to be granted with the Vietnam e-visa? Refer below to find out more about these. Your UAE passport should be valid for at least 6 months from your entry date to the country.

Are you looking for location of Vietnam embassy in UAE 🇦🇪? Please see below for information of Embassy of Vietnam in Abu Dhabi (UAE) Location: Villa 0101,  Str. 27, Sector 24, Al Mushrif area, Abu Dhabi, UAE 🇦🇪 P.