March 11, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Getting Cheap Vietnam Visa for Afghans Are Not a Stressful Process Anymore

Are you an afghan who is looking to visit Vietnam for a tourist purpose for long? But cancelled the plan because of the complicated visa applying process? I have good news for you! Yes, you can book for a cheap Vietnam visa for Afghans in a stress freeway with visa on arrival option. Wondering what is “visa on arrival“? Visa on arrival is one of the best ways to apply for a Vietnam visa reasonably. The most important thing in the visa on arrival is, its an online way of applying for a Vietnam visa. So, you don’t have to visit embassy and wait in a long queue to apply for your Vietnam visa. All you have to do is, collect the information, and start applying for your visa at 100% risk-free website. Within 30 minutes, your visa applying process will finish and can do other your daily basic works without any issues. Also, with this option, you can add on to the rush service, that speed up the visa approval process.

Cheap Vietnam Visa for Afghans via Tourist Visa on Arrival

Tourist visa on arrival makes your dream of Vietnam visa by applying for a cheap Vietnam visa for Afghans comes true. However, it comes with a certain condition. You will be eligible to apply for the Vietnam visa only if you come under those conditions.

Before applying for a Vietnam Visa 

1st Condition: There should not be any crime case on you.

2nd Condition: With this visa, you should visit Vietnam and return back within your visa validity one month.

3rd Condition: With this visa type, you are allowed to visit and stay in Vietnam for only 20 days.

4th Condition: Before you start applying for your cheap Vietnam visa for Afghansyou should have the copy of scanned passport.

5th Condition : You should book the accommodation before you make a visa. While applying for the Vietnam visa, you have to mention the confirmation details of the booked accommodation.

6th Condition :  You have to mention the details on confirmation of your flight. This make sure you are eligible to make a visit and stay in Vietnam.

Applying for a Vietnam Visa 

7th Condition: The time taken for the visa approval process will take six to seven working days. So, you should plan accordingly.

8th Condition: If you add on to the rush service to speed up the visa approval process, you should. [Note: if you add on to the rush service, your visa will get approved within three to four days.]

9th Condition: With visa on arrival, you can opt only for the tourist type visa. Under this visa option, you are allowed to make a single visa, and a single return. Here like other some countries, you are not allowed to make multi-visit with the same visa, since it is a single entry visa type.

10th Condition: To collect your approved visa, you have to stop at the immigration office that is in your destination international airport of Vietnam.

11th Condition: You have to make the payment in two sections. The first payment should pay during applying for a Vietnam visa, and other while collecting the approved visa.

12th Condition: While paying the service fee via visa on arrival online option, you have to pay it via debit or credit card, here ready cash is not accepted. For paying the stamping fee at the airport while collecting the visa, you should pay via ready cash, and here your debit or credit card will not be accepted.

Tourist Visa on Arrival Cost for Afghans

Cost of applying for a tourist visa under visa on arrival for Afghans will be cheap comparing to other options.

Yes, if you apply at the 100% risk-free travel agency website, you can not only apply for cheap Vietnam visa for Afghans, but also you will have a guarantee for your money that you paid for the visa approval letter. At the trustworthy travel agency website, if you apply for the Vietnam visa, in case of visa rejection by the Vietnam government, all the money that you paid will refund successfully. So, to book a cheap Vietnam visa for Afghans, and get the 100% money-back guaranty, consider hiring the trustworthy travel agency who have 100% risk-free travel agency website to apply for the visa online via visa on arrival option.

At the trustworthy travel agency like, you have to pay 180 USD as the service fee, and 25 USD as stamp fee for the one-month single entry visa type under tourist visa on arrival.

To apply for your cheap Vietnam visa for Afghans with 100% money back guaranty, visit