June 18, 2020
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Guide to Obtaining Criminal Checks in Vietnam

Criminal checks also called Police Checks, or Police Clearance is a document required in Vietnam for various purposes. Usually, the most common reason why foreigners may need to get a criminal check is for work permit applications.

In this article, we’ll take a closer look at the requirements and process of obtaining the criminal check. Hopefully, this guide can help foreigners who are in need to obtain criminal checks while in Vietnam.

Guide to Obtaining a Vietnam Criminal Check

1. What is a Criminal Check Certificate?

The criminal check certificate is issued by the government agency in Vietnam that manages the country’s judicial database. This document is valid proof of whether an individual has committed a crime in the past. It will also prove if the person is currently convicted or is banned from taking up a certain post in the country. Furthermore, the document will also prove if the individual is fit to establish or manage an enterprise or cooperative that the court is declared bankrupt.

Foreigners who are living in Vietnam regardless of how long they are residing in the country will have the right to request from Vietnam’s Dept. of Justice to issue the Criminal Check or the Criminal Record Certificate.

2. Different Types of Vietnam Criminal Record Certificates

According to Article 41 of the Law on Criminal Records, there are two different types of Criminal Record Certificates. They are merely called Form No. 1 and Form No. 2.

The difference between the two is that Form No. 1 records sentences that were not removed. So if certain cases were deleted, it’s going to say, “no criminal record.” On the other hand, Form No. 2 will only record all of the previous convictions where it’s removed or not.

Depending on your purpose, you may either need the Form No.1 or Form No.2. However, the most common type of criminal record certificate that’s required for work permits of foreigners in Vietnam is Form No. 1.

3. How to Request for a Criminal Record Certificate

Authority : Individuals who were or have been living temporarily in Vietnam will have every right to request from the Dept. of Justice of the place where he or she is residing for a Criminal Certificate.

Process of Application : The applicant can apply in person or do it online:

  • In-Person – to apply in person, you need to bring all the necessary documents to the Dept. of Justice in the province where you are staying in Vietnam. Once the certificate is available, you can go back to claim it in person.
  • Online – if you want a more convenient way to apply for the Criminal Record Certificate, you can do it online. You will be required to fill out a form and submit scanned requirements online or by courier.

4. Required Documents

Application Form – if you will personally apply for the Criminal Record, you will be asked to fill out the application form. However, this must be filled out in the Vietnamese language so you need to get in touch with a local agency that can help with the translation.

On the other hand, if you are requesting for the document online, you need to fill out the online application form. This can be obtained from both the English and Vietnamese website of the Provincial Justice Department. On the application form, you will find a section that says, “residence process”. Your temporary residence address must be in Vietnam.

  • Temporary Residence Confirmation:

Your landlord can help you with acquiring the temporary registration confirmation. It’s also possible to request a signed letter from the ward police in your place of residence. This letter will serve as a confirmation that you reside in the place, which also comes in handy just in case your landlord ended up registering a wrong name or if he is not willing to help with the residence confirmation.

  • Notarized Documents:

If the application was sent in by post, you will be asked to provide a notarized copy of your passport along with a valid visa. You are also required to send in a notarized temporary residence confirmation.

Original copies of the documents along with photocopies must be submitted to the People’s Committee of any District in Vietnam for notarization.

5. The validity of the Criminal Record Certificate

Currently, the law of Vietnam regarding Criminal Records doesn’t include the regulations regarding the Criminal Record’s validity. However, depending upon the specific purpose and authority of use, the certificate’s expiry date could differ.

For foreigners who needed the certificate for a work permit, the local authority requires that the certificate should be issued within six months of submitting the application for a work permit. But if the certificate will be used for the renewing or ceasing of Vietnamese nationality, the criminal record must be issued in the past 90 days only.



How Much Does It Cost For A Judicial Record Certificate in Vietnam? [show answer]

There are 3 levels of the fee for getting a judicial record certificate in Vietnam, they are :

👉 It costs VND 200 000 (around US$10) for Vietnamese people, foreigners living in Vietnam or abroad.

👉 👉 It cost VND 100 000 (around US$5) for Vietnamese pupils, students, people contributing to the Revolution, relatives of martyrs.

👉 👉 👉 It’s free for Vietnamese poor families, families in difficult circumstances stated in laws.

Official link to apply : https://lltptructuyen.moj.gov.vn (If you apply through private agent, it may cost you more than US $100)

For support, please email to info@vietnamimmigration.org

*** If you send and receive your documents via post service, you have to pay fee for post service 




For your request, please email to : info@vietnamimmigration.org or drop a message via chat support online 👉


There are many reasons why a foreigner in Vietnam would need a copy of the judicial certificate. This document will prove if you have a previous criminal conviction or not.

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