November 5, 2020
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[Covid-19] Hanoi Hotels That Have Been Selected for Fee Quarantine Facilities

In order to minimize the spread of Covid-19 infection, the government of Vietnam will require all foreign visitors to quarantine upon arrival in the country. The quarantine fees must be shouldered by the foreign guest and will take place in one of the “approved” hotels.

In Hanoi, the People’s Committee has provided a list of hotels that were certified to host guests for quarantine upon their arrival in Hanoi.

Who Can Enter Vietnam In This Covid 19 Season?

Quarantine Facilities in Hanoi

There are specifically 8 hotels that the City People’s Committee would recommend to be used as a quarantine facility. The following hotels are:

  1. Hoa Binh Hotel – this hotel is located in the Hoan Kiem District of Hanoi. Built in 1926, this hotel has a long history and still preserves its old architecture.
  2. InterContinental Westlake Hanoi Hotel – this hotel is located in the Tay Ho District, near West Lake, the biggest freshwater lake in Hanoi.
  3. Sofitel Legend Metropole Hanoi – this iconic hotel is situated in the Hoan Kiem District. Featuring a French colonial style building, this 5-star hotel is very popular in Hanoi and where famous personalities would often stay when visiting Vietnam. 
  4. Muong Thanh Grand Xa La Hotel – this 4-star hotel is located in the Ha Dong District of Hanoi. It’s a modern high-rise hotel surrounded by shops and restaurants. 
  5. Binh An 3 Hotel – this hotel is in the Soc Son District of Hanoi. This hotel offers a variety of recreational facilities, including a nearby golf course.
  6. Crown Plaza Hotel – this hotel is situated in Nam Tu Liem district. This area is close to the business district of Hanoi so it’s perfect for those who are traveling for business.
  7. Binh An 1 Hotel – this is located in the Soc Son district of Hanoi, and is part of the Binh An Village. This is a great choice for those who plan on visiting the city of Long Xuyên.
  8. Wyndham Garden Hanoi Hotel – this hotel is located in Ha Dong District. This 5-star hotel features relaxing guest rooms and various amenities including free Wi-Fi.

💡 For [UPDATE] FULL List of HOTELS in Hanoi registered for quarantine

Regulations on Medical Isolation at the Hotel

As stated by Vietnam’s Ministry of Health, visitors who are in quarantine must strictly follow the following provisions on medical isolation.

  • While in room isolation, you should minimize going out of your hotel room and minimize direct contact with some other people within the quarantine area. If you really must get out of the room, you should wear a mask at all times and maintain a minimum distance of at least 2 meters from other people.
  • You will not be allowed to leave the hotel premises without any permission.
  • Do not engage in any crowded games while in the quarantine area. Avoid gathering or socializing with other persons in isolation.
  • Always wear a mask when in direct contact with other people. Avoid spitting indiscriminately.
  • Make it a habit to wash your hands with soap and clean water at all times. Before you eat and after you use the toilet, make sure you wash your hands properly. If you sneeze, cough, or believe that your hands are dirty, make sure you wash immediately.
  • Wash the cups and utensils that you have used, including your personal belongings. Always ensure proper hygiene while in the hotel room.
  • Place the garbage in a sealed bag and put it inside the trashcan outside of the room to be collected daily.
  • If you had requested laundry, pick up your clothes from the hallway outside your room at certain times. All fabrics that need to be washed should be placed inside the sealed plastic bag for washing and place it in the hallway for collection.
  • Open the windows regularly for ventilation. Minimize the use of the air conditioning system. If you need to use it, set it above 26° C to increase ventilation.
  • Monitor your health condition and if you display any symptoms such as cough, fever, sore throat, and difficulty in breathing, make sure to inform the healthcare staff immediately. If the staff is not around, inform the receptionist about it.
  • The food that will be served will be according to the hotel’s menu and will be given to you at a specific time of the day. Food will not be served upon your request unless the healthcare staff would recommend it. The hotel will only deliver any supplies once a day at a certain time.

Take note that you will have to shoulder the cost of quarantine unless the company who sponsors you will pay for it. The fees will vary depending on the hotel you have chosen to stay. You are highly advised to follow all the regulations. Otherwise, the hotel will have every right to refuse your stay on their property and inform the authorities.


The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly changed the way people travel these days. When you need to travel these days, it’s important that you do your research and find out what the requirements are.

Because of the Covid-19 pandemic, Vietnam has to close its borders to foreign visitors. But now that the world is trying to go back to normal, Vietnamese authorities are slowly and cautiously opening the borders.

Several countries around the world are now slowly reopening their borders after closing in March when the Covid-19 pandemic started. Vietnam is also planning to open its borders to more foreign visitors soon.

Compared to other ASEAN nations, Vietnam has a relatively low rate of Covid-19 transmissions. While the healthcare systems of other wealthier countries have been collapsing, Vietnam has remained in full control.

After several months of closing its borders to curb the spread of Covid-19 disease, Vietnam is finally opening to International travels on Sept. 15.

Vietnam’s Ministry of Transport has sent a proposal to the country’s Prime Minister about reopening international routes to foreign visitors. The initial plan is to resume flights to six international destinations.

Vietnam has so far been doing well in its fight against COVID-19. Compared to other Asian countries, Vietnam has a low number of confirmed cases and fatality rates.

Even though Vietnam has been successful in containing the Coronavirus outbreak, it still has not opened up to international tourists. The Vietnamese government is careful enough not to allow another wave of infections, such as the case in Da Nang recently.