February 8, 2020
Airport Fast Track

How the Saigon airport Fast track assistance service Help?

Saigon airport is your way to enter the Ho Chi Minh City of Vietnam. It is one of the famous destinations in the list of Vietnam tours. So I believe you will be visiting the city for sure.

Thus, if you are done with your preplanning things to visit Vietnam like visa application, packing your stuff, booking your flights, and more. If you are arriving with a visa on arrival visa type, then you must need to know about the fast track service also.

Now you must be thinking about what this service is and how it will benefit you. Well, VIP fast track service is additional assistance offered to the tourist to make their immigration procedure quick and easy. The service is optional for you to opt for. So if you think it’s a good investment for you and it will offers benefits to you. Then you should defiantly choose this service.

Here we will take a look at this service in detail which will help you to decide the same.

How the Saigon airport Fast track assistance service Help?

If you book the Saigon airport Fast track assistance service, at that point, you could leave the airport quite quickly. That is because the professional staff will deal with your visa handling. Rather than covering and present the basics, they will do it for you. You should sit and relax at the airport lounge. In just a couple of moments, you will get your passport with a visa stamp.

Other than helping you with your visa, they will, in the same way, give you different benefits. Thus, if you will pick the VIP attendant service. At that point, they can go with you towards the route toward stamping your visa at the airport. Furthermore, they can have an attendant to come, meet you, and help you with your things at the Baggage counter. In this manner, a vehicle with an English-talking driver will come to meet you. Moreover, they give a vehicle pickup service. This is likewise very useful if you are landing late night

Alternatives available to choose from the Saigon airport fast track assistance service

There are two decisions for you to pick:

  • Standard fast track assistance service – In this service type, the service staff meets you as you land from the plane. The individual being alluded to will hold an invited board with your name. As you approach, you’ll be urged expediently to the counter for your visa stamping. Since they are there to help you, you should plunk down and stop. Right now, don’t need to line getting your visa stamp. Right now, you can relax until the service staff is back holding your passport with a visa stamp.
  • VIP Fast track assistance service – For the situation that you need to travel like a VIP in Vietnam, the VIP service is ideal for you. With this service, one of the service staff will welcome you as you land in the nation. In the wake of meeting the staff, the individual will process your visa stamping process at the land visa counter. Consequently, inside two or three minutes, you will get your passport with the visa stamp. Also, since you picked the VIP service, a luggage porter service will help to manage your luggage. Then, in the end, you will be escorted to your vehicle. Thus, in VIP or CIP service, you will be treated like a celebrity at the airport. Further, You can relax in the lounge area, and the staff will manage your things for you. It is a discretionary help. Accordingly, you can book if it meets your spending limit.

Is it worth paying VIP fast track service through Saigon Airport?

Well, the answer to this question must be clear in your mind now. It is because we have calculated all the benefits for you. Thus, by taking all the pros and cons of this service. So let’s be clear, the only disadvantage related to this service for some travelers is its additional charge.

Well, the fee is not much, but for travelers, it may go beyond their travel budget as it is 22 USD/pax for standard service and around 40 USD/pax for the VIP service. Thus, it may cost you 100extra USD if you are traveling in a group of at least 4-5 people. Then it would not be a costly affair. It is because you can share and the benefits offer by this service much more than the cost. Then the amount you pay is merely nothing in front of the services you receive in return.

So it’s worth paying for the VIP fast track service through the Saigon airport. It will help in kick-starting your beautiful journey to Magnificent Vietnam.


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