October 10, 2023
Vietnam e-visa

How to Apply for a Vietnam e-Visa for British National Overseas (BNO) Citizens: Comprehensive Guide

As a British National Overseas (BNO) citizen, planning a trip to Vietnam is an exciting prospect. However, the process of applying for an e-visa can be daunting, especially when considering the uncertainty of approval rates and the desire to expedite the process. In this article, we will guide you through the necessary steps to increase your success rate and provide options for obtaining your Vietnam e-visa urgently.

Are British National Overseas (BNO) Eligible for a Vietnam e-Visa?

As per the recent government resolution number 127/NQ-CP, the Vietnam e-Visa is now available to passport holders of all countries and territories. This is a significant change from the past, where the e-Visa was limited to only 80 countries. As a British National Overseas (BNO), you are eligible to apply for a Vietnam e-Visa without any restrictions.

Fees & Types of Vietnam e-visa for British National Overseas (BNO) citizens

Vietnam offers four types of e-visas for British National Overseas (BNO) citizen, each with its own validity period and entry options. Let’s take a closer look at each of them:

  1. Single-entry E-visa (30 days): This visa allows you to enter Vietnam once and stay for up to 30 days. The cost for this e-visa is US$25.
  2. Multiple-entry E-visa (30 days): If you’re planning to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within a 30-day period, the multiple-entry e-visa is the ideal choice. The fee for this visa is US$50.
  3. Single-entry E-visa (90 days): For longer stays, the single-entry e-visa with a validity period of 90 days is available. You can stay in Vietnam for up to 90 days with this visa, and it also costs US$25.
  4. Multiple-entry E-visa (90 days): The multiple-entry e-visa with a validity period of 90 days allows you to enter and exit Vietnam multiple times within a 90-day period. The fee for this visa is US$50.

Refund Policy

It’s important to note that the e-visa fee mentioned above is from the official government website and is non-refundable. This means that regardless of whether your visa application is approved or denied, the fee cannot be refunded. Therefore, it is essential to double-check all the information and requirements before submitting your application.

Applying through an Agency

While the fees mentioned above are applicable when applying for an e-visa directly through the official government website, it’s worth noting that the fee may be higher if you choose to go through a visa agency. These agencies provide assistance with the application process and may charge additional fees for their services. However, it’s important to ensure that you choose a reputable agency that can provide reliable and efficient support.

##Vietnam e-Visa Requirements for British National Overseas (BNO)

To successfully apply for a Vietnam e-Visa as a British National Overseas (BNO) citizen, you will need the following:

1. Valid Passport: Ensure that your passport has a minimum validity of six months from the date of entry into Vietnam.

2. Personal Information: Provide accurate personal details, including your full name, date of birth, nationality, gender, and passport information.

3. Digital Photo: Have a digital passport-sized photo (4×6 cm) taken against a white background. Make sure it meets the specified requirements, such as being recent, clear, and without any accessories or headgear.

4. Valid Email Address: You will need a valid email address to receive updates and notifications regarding your e-Visa application.

5. Valid Credit/Debit Card: Prepare a valid credit or debit card to make the payment for your e-Visa application. The fee will depend on the visa type and duration you select.

6. Travel Itinerary: Provide a detailed travel plan, including your intended dates of arrival and departure, places you plan to visit, and accommodation details.

7. Current Occupation: State your current occupation, as this is a mandatory requirement in the application form.

Uploading Requirements for Vietnam e-visa Application

To apply for a Vietnam e-visa, you will need to upload two essential documents. The first is a portrait photo that measures 4x6cm. It is crucial to ensure that you are looking straight at the camera and not wearing glasses. The second document is a copy of your passport data page. This should include your photo, personal details, and ICAO lines. By providing these documents, you can ensure a smooth processing of your e-visa application.

Portrait Photo Requirements

When submitting your portrait photo for your Vietnam e-visa application, it is important to adhere to specific requirements. The photo should be a clear, recent, and high-resolution image of yourself. Make sure that your face is fully visible and that you are looking directly at the camera. Avoid wearing glasses or any headwear that may obstruct your face. By following these guidelines, you can ensure that your photo meets the necessary standards for your e-visa application.

Processing Time for Vietnam e-visa

Once you have submitted your e-visa application, you might be curious about the processing time. Generally, it takes approximately three working days to receive your e-visa after submission. However, please note that the Immigration of Vietnam does not work on Saturdays, Sundays, Traditional Day of Vietnam People’s Public Security Force (August 19), and National holidays. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your application accordingly and allow for sufficient processing time.

National Holidays and Office Closures

It is important to be aware of the national holidays in Vietnam as the Vietnam Immigration Office remains closed during these periods. The national holidays in Vietnam include New Year’s Day, Tet Holiday, Hung Kings Commemoration Day, Reunification Day, Labor Day, and National Day. Therefore, it is advisable to plan your e-visa application accordingly and ensure that you submit it well in advance to avoid any delays.

How to Apply for a Vietnam e-Visa as a British National Overseas (BNO) citizen?

To apply for your Vietnam e-Visa, British National Overseas (BNO) citizen should follow these simple steps:

1. Visit the Official Vietnam e-Visa Website: Go to the official website dedicated to the Vietnam e-Visa application process.

2. Fill in the Application Form: Fill out the online application form with accurate and up-to-date information. Ensure all the mandatory fields are completed.

3. Upload Required Documents: Upload your digital passport photo and any other supporting documents as specified in the application form.

4. Pay the Application Fee: Use your valid credit or debit card to make the payment for your e-Visa application. The fee will depend on the type and duration of the visa you choose.

5. Submit the Application: Review all the information you have provided and submit your application. Once submitted, you will receive a confirmation email with your application number.

6. Track Your Application: Use your application number to track the progress of your e-Visa application. This can be done through the official website or via the tracking link provided in the confirmation email.

7. Receive Your e-Visa: If your application is approved, you will receive your e-Visa via email. Make sure to print out a copy of your e-Visa and carry it with you during your trip to Vietnam.

After Receiving Your Vietnam e-visa

Congratulations! Once you have received your Vietnam e-visa, you are one step closer to your exciting journey to Vietnam. It is important to remember that your e-visa is an official travel document, so it is recommended to print a copy and carry it with you during your trip. Additionally, ensure that you have a valid passport with at least six months’ validity from the date of entry into Vietnam. By following these steps, you can enjoy a hassle-free and memorable visit to Vietnam.

Increasing Your Success Rate with Vietnam E-Visa Applications:

It’s essential to acknowledge that the evaluation and approval of e-visa applications in Vietnam are subject to the discretion of the immigration officers. While they follow specific guidelines, it’s crucial to be aware that not all applications receive approval. However, by adopting certain strategies, you can significantly increase your success rate.

1. Thoroughly Fill Out the Application Form: Ensure that you complete the e-visa application form accurately and provide all the necessary details. Any discrepancies or missing information may lead to rejection. Double-check your form before submission.

2. Submit Supporting Documents: Along with the application form, you will need to submit certain documents, such as a valid passport and a recent passport-sized photograph. Make sure these documents meet the specified requirements to avoid unnecessary delays or rejection.

3. Review and Proofread: Before submitting your application, carefully review all the details to ensure there are no errors or typos. A well-presented and error-free application demonstrates your attention to detail and increases your chances of approval.

4. Familiarize Yourself with the Guidelines: Take the time to thoroughly understand the guidelines provided by the Vietnamese government for e-visa applications. By adhering to these guidelines, you demonstrate your commitment to following the rules and regulations, which can work in your favor during the evaluation process.

Obtaining Your Vietnam E-Visa Urgently for British National Overseas (BNO) citizens

If you are in a rush or unfamiliar with the e-visa application process, consider hiring a reputable agency to handle the procedure on your behalf. These agencies specialize in assisting travelers with simple form filling, easy document uploads, and friendly customer support. With their expertise and knowledge of the local rules, they can significantly increase your success rate, boasting an impressive 99.9% approval rate.

1. Hiring an Agency: If you’re pressed for time or want to avoid potential frustration, consider hiring a reliable agency to assist you with your e-visa application. These agencies specialize in simplifying the process, ensuring that you have a stress-free experience. They have a deep understanding of the local rules and regulations, which increases the chances of your application being successful.

2. Easy Document Upload: With the assistance of an agency, you can benefit from a streamlined process that involves simple form filling and easy document uploads. This eliminates the risk of making mistakes and ensures that all the required documents are submitted correctly.

3. Friendly Customer Support: Agencies provide friendly and knowledgeable customer support, guiding you through the entire process. They can answer any questions you may have and provide personalized assistance, ensuring that you feel supported and confident throughout the application process.

4. Expedited Services: One of the significant advantages of hiring an agency is their ability to expedite the e-visa process. They have established relationships with the Vietnamese immigration authorities, allowing them to fast-track your application. Depending on your urgency, they can even provide same-day or within a few hours processing, granting you the e-visa urgently.


Applying for a Vietnam e-visa as a British National Overseas citizen doesn’t have to be a complicated or time-consuming process. By following the best practices mentioned above and considering the option of hiring a reliable agency, you can significantly increase your chances of approval and expedite the process. Enjoy your trip to Vietnam with peace of mind, knowing that your e-visa application is in capable hands.


Are you a British National Overseas (BNO) planning a trip to Vietnam? If so, one important thing you need to consider is obtaining a Vietnam e-visa. The e-visa allows you to enter Vietnam for tourism, business, or other purposes without having to go through the traditional visa application process.

If you’re a British National Overseas planning a trip to Vietnam, the good news is that you no longer need to go through the hassle of visiting the Vietnamese embassy or consulate to apply for a visa. With the introduction of the Vietnam e-visa, the entire process has become much more convenient and streamlined.

Foreigners holding British National Oversea (BNO) passports are not exempted from visa requirement, thus must have appropriate visas to enter Vietnam. How to get Vietnam visa for BNO passport holder? There are 2 ways for you to get a Vietnam visa: 1.