December 30, 2019
Vietnam e-visa

How To Apply for Vietnam E-visa for Citizens of Finland

Before February 2017, getting a visa to Vietnam was a bit too inconvenient. You will have to schedule an appointment at an embassy, hire a third-party agency that can process your visa, or queue at the airport for your visa on arrival. Thankfully, the e-visa was introduced and this allows foreign travelers from more than 80 countries to apply for their visa online. This visa option is also available to citizens of Finland.

Thanks to the e-Visa, Finnish nationals will no longer have to go through the hassles of acquiring a visa to Vietnam. All they need is to go online, fill out a form, and wait for the visa to be approved. Once the visa is approved, it will be sent through email. The e-visa copy will come in the form of a PDF file that you can just print and bring on your trip to Vietnam.

Vietnam E-Visa System

It was last February 1, 2017, when Vietnam implemented the e-visa system. Although the system appeared a bit buggy to use at first, the system has undergone many improvements over the years. Thus, using the e-visa system for your Vietnam visa application is now so easy.

All the steps involved in applying for the Vietnam e-visa have to be done online. When you visit the official website for the Vietnam e-Visa application (, you’ll be prompted to fill out an application form. Aside from providing the information required, you’ll also be asked to submit some requirements.

A scanned copy of your passport’s biographical page (Sample for passport’s bio page) must be uploaded during the application of your visa. You will also be asked to provide a passport size photo (Photo guide) with white background. So make sure you have these requirements on hand before you begin your application.

There is a processing fee that you need to pay when applying for your e-visa. You can pay with your credit card or debit card. If you have a PayPal account, you can also use this to pay for the processing fee. The processing fees will vary, and it starts at $25.

How to Get a Vietnam e-Visa for Citizens of Finland

It’s pretty easy to apply for the Vietnam e-visa, which is why most foreign visitors to Vietnam would use this for their trip. Here are the steps on how you can apply for an e-visa:

  1. Access the official website of the Vietnam Immigration and click on the option to apply for the e-Visa.
  2. Fill out the application form with your personal details, passport information and travel dates.
  3. Review the information entered and double-check the passport information to ensure that it matches your passport.
  4. If everything is correct, proceed to the next page for the payment of the processing fees. Enter your debit card and credit card. You can also pay with your PayPal account.
  5. Wait for confirmation if the payment has been successful. You will receive an email confirming that the visa is already being processed. Take note of the code that will be given to you because you will need it later on to access your e-visa copy.

After three business days, you will receive an email regarding the status of your visa. If your visa is approved, the email will come with an attachment for a copy of your e-Visa. Print the visa and bring on your trip to Vietnam.

Important Things To Remember When Applying for your e-Visa to Vietnam

Remember that the rules and processes for the Vietnam e-visa application will change from time to time. This will also depend upon the nationalities. Therefore, before you apply for the visa, check with the Vietnam Immigration about the latest updates regarding the application of a Vietnam visa for citizens of Finland. If you have any questions, send them an email.

It’s important to apply for your e-Visa only from authorized agencies. Avoid those fraudulent sites claiming that they are official. Their website may not be secure and you could be a victim of identity theft.

If you are traveling to Vietnam a few weeks from now, you should apply for your e-visa as early as now. Although it will usually take 3 business days to be processed, there are instances when the visa will be delayed. This is especially the case during the peak season and public holidays.

Applying for the Vietnam e-visa for citizens of Finland is so easy. In fact, it will only take a few minutes of your time. But in order not to encounter problems, double-check your visa application. Make sure all data you entered is correct. If in the event that the information will not match with your passport, the immigration officer could stop you from entering the country. So don’t be in a hurry and take time to review your application form.