February 16, 2020
Airport Fast Track

How to Book the Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Tan Son Nhat airport

Do you need a visa to Vietnam but hate the hassle of queuing at the airport when you arrive? If so, then consider using the Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Tan Son Nhat airport. With this service, you can skip the queue at the counter since they will expedite the processing of your visa.

Aside from the Tan Son Nhat Airport, this service is also available at some other major airports in Vietnam. But of all the major airports in the country, it is the Tan Son Nhat airport that’s the busiest. It is the main airport hub of Ho Chi Minh City and the gateway to the southeastern part of Vietnam. Therefore, it’s not surprising to find long lines of passengers at this airport every day.

All About Tan Son Nhat Airport

If your first destination in Vietnam is in Ho Chi Minh, then you’ll be flying to the Tan Son Nhat Airport. This airport is about six kilometers away from the center of Ho Chi Minh. The Tan Son Nhat airport is the biggest airport in Vietnam and the busiest as well. It has two terminals, Terminal 1 and Terminal 2. If you’re an International passenger, you’ll be passing at Terminal 2. But for those who are flying domestic, then you’ll be at Terminal 1.

As the busiest airport in Vietnam, the Tan Son Nhat airport can handle a maximum capacity of 17 million passengers. Every day, passengers from around the world will arrive and depart from this airport. More than fifty percent of the arrivals are International passengers who need a visa to Vietnam. These passengers will be queuing at the visa counter to get their visa stamp. During the peak season, the visa counter can get very crowded and it will take hours before you can get your visa.

Avoid the Queue and Minimize Waiting Time for your Visa

With the Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Tan Son Nhat airport, you can avoid the queues and minimize the waiting time. Instead of lining up along with other passengers, you’ll be waiting comfortably while your visa is being processed.  When you arrive at the airport, their staff will be there to welcome you. After meeting with the staff, you’ll be on your way to the visa counter for your visa.

Prepare your requirements and give it to the staff at the visa counter. You will then be asked to wait on a chair while the staff processes your visa. After only a few minutes, the staff will be back with your passport. Your passport will already have a visa that will grant you entry to the country. At this point, all you need to do is go to Passport Control to be given an entry stamp.

How to Book the Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Tan Son Nhat

If you want to take advantage of the fast track service, simply indicate it when requesting a pre-approval letter. The pre-approval letter is a letter that you’ll request online prior to your trip to Vietnam. This is the letter that you will show at the check-in counter when boarding your flight. It will serve as proof that you’ll be given a Vietnam visa when you arrive.

On your request for the pre-approval letter, simply choose the fast track option. Indicate the airport where you intend to use it. Since you’ll be flying to Ho Chi Minh, then choose Tan Son Nhat Airport. Then provide your flight details. Make sure you give them the accurate details of your flight, such as the flight number and the ETA.

After you fill out the form, make a payment with your card. You will then receive an email confirming the transaction. After 2 – 3 days, you will receive your pre-approval letter. Print the letter and bring it with you on your trip to Ho Chi Minh.

What To Expect Upon Arrival At Tan Son Nhat Airport

When you arrive at Tan Son Nhat Airport, look for the agent holding a banner with your name. Approach the agent and you’ll then be taken to the visa counter for your visa processing. Give the agent a copy of your pre-approval letter and your passport as well. Wait on one side while the agent processes the visa on your behalf.

After only a few minutes of waiting, the agent will be back with your visa. Get your passport and proceed directly to Passport Control. Give the Immigration Officer your passport and you will then be stamped for entry.

As you see, the Vietnam Visa On Arrival Fast Track through Tan Son Nhat airport can make your journey to Vietnam even more convenient. It might cost you a fee, but the convenience and comfort are totally worth it.


Vietnam is a country full of places that attract thousands of tourists every year from the whole world. Not only that, tourists come here to fulfill their adrenaline rush because of the adventurous activities provided in this country.

When traveling to Ho Chi Minh, you must do your research in advance. This is especially important if you’re going there for the first time.

Whenever we are opting for the airport fast track service. Then the most common query we have is that is the service charge we are paying for it is having a worth or not? It is because the amounts you pay for the fast track service not only ease out your airport transition.

Vietnam is a country that receives a lot of tourists throughout the year. Starting from beaches to a hill station, you can explore everything in the country.

When it comes to traversing across the Ho Chi Min city, the Tan Son Nhat airport is the sole airport terminal. It would help if you turned up.

Vietnam is a popular place among tourists from all over the world. Each year thousands of people visit the country, beckoned by the beauty, its colourful streets, its intriguing role in world history and much more.

Vietnam is a nation that strives to welcome each of its visitors wholeheartedly at each of its airports. Especially, if you turn up at the Tan Son Nhat Airport, you can feel that even more.

Completing your visa formalities is one of the most time-consuming element. It is also one of the complicated aspects of traveling to a new nation.

So, you are planning to visit Vietnam and spend your quality time with your family there. That’s great; you have chosen the right destination for your quality time.