September 5, 2020
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How To Hire Assistance Service to Get Vietnam Business Visa

Foreigners planning to enter Vietnam for business-related activities must request a Vietnam Business Visa, which is a short-term visa. This visa is required for foreigners with business transactions in Vietnam, but do not possess a work permit. Examples include attending meetings, doing negotiations, signing of a contract, or work collaboration with a Vietnamese company.

Using a local agency that offers assistance service is highly recommended if this is the first time you will avail of a Vietnam Business Visa. The agency can provide assistance with everything and will make sure that your business is visa gets approved on time.

2 Types of Vietnam Business Visa

The business visa in Vietnam has two general categories, the DN1 and DN2. These visas are issued to people who entered Vietnam for reasons of doing business.

  1. DN1 Visa – issued to foreigners that work with legal companies and organizations that follow Vietnam’s laws.
  2. DN2 Visa – issued to foreigners who visit Vietnam to provide services or put up a commercial establishment. It’s also issued to those who will perform other activities, as guided by international treaties where Vietnam is an acknowledged member.

Vietnam Business Visa Requirements

Foreigners are required by the government to obtain a business visa when planning to do business or look for business opportunities in Vietnam. Citizens of Visa Waiver Countries are exempted from this rule.

In order to apply for a Vietnam business visa, please make sure that:

  • Your passport has a validity of at least 6 months upon arrival in Vietnam. Temporarily issued passports may not be acknowledged.
  • At least 2 blank pages in your passport are available as a space for immigration and visa stamps.
  • You have a sponsorship letter issued by a licensed company in Vietnam. This is a requirement if you have applied through your country’s local embassy.

Types of Business Visa for Vietnam

There are several types of Vietnam business visas you can choose from. They are categorized depending on how long you wish to stay in the country (validity) and single or multiple entries. Below are the corresponding types:

  • 1-month single entry visa
  • 1-month multiple entry visa
  • 3-month single entry visa
  • 3-month multiple entry visa
  • 6-month multiple entry visa
  • 1-year multiple entry visa

How to Get a Business Visa for Vietnam?

You can get a business visa in Vietnam in 2 ways:

  1. Business Visa on arrival. This option is more convenient for those who cannot travel to do the process. You only have to complete an online form with related personal information and trip details. Then wait for a visa letter to be sent to your email. Present this visa email at the airport upon arrival in Vietnam to receive a visa stamp.
  2. Business Visa through a Vietnam embassy abroad. For this method, you have to contact the Vietnamese embassy before applying. Wait for the response of the embassy to know the things you have to prepare and the steps to follow.

Vietnam Business Visa Processing Time

A Vietnam business visa’s processing time varies depending on the method you have chosen to follow.

  • Business Visa on arrival: usually takes 5-7 days before you receive the approval letter. But it can be shortened to 2-3 days if you need it immediately.
  • Business Visa at the embassy: it depends on the Vietnam embassy.

How much is a Business Visa for Vietnam?

The cost of applying for a business visa in Vietnam is based on your method of processing.

Business Visa at the embassy: total amount may vary.

Business Visa on arrival: two types of fees need to be paid with this option.

  • Service fee – payment made online to process your online application and have the approval letter sent to your email. The service fee will be arranged according to the type of visa, processing time, and the number of confirmed applicants.
  • Stamping fee – payment in cash to the Immigration Officer at the airport for the visa stamp. The visa type is the only consideration for the stamping fee.

Using Assistance Service for a Vietnam Business Visa

You can actually process a Vietnam business visa on your own. But making use of a visa assistance service is proven to be more convenient and hassle-free. Listed below are additional reasons why you need to hire an assistance service in getting a Vietnam business visa.

  • Simplicity and speed – You don’t have to directly transact with the government because the agency will do it for you. The application process is also purely done online with clear and easy-to-follow instructions, therefore tourist-friendly.
  • Higher chances of approval – Collected data are to be reviewed first by experts before submitting to the Immigration Dept. Thus, your application is more likely to be approved.
  • Security – All personal information is protected. Credit card details will not be exposed. These agencies have data centers with world-class standards to assure the clients’ privacy.
  • Amazing customer support – An exceptional customer service is always available to give assistance. The team will help you get your business visa conveniently so you will enjoy a hassle-free business trip to Vietnam.

The visa is one of the most important travel documents that you need to have when entering Vietnam for a holiday, business, or other purposes. There are a few nationalities that are eligible for visa-free entry into the country.

Vietnam’s growing economy has attracted foreign investors from around the world to visit and do business. The country’s economic situation in recent years has been very promising.

Under business class, the visas on arrival visa types consist of both multi-entry and single entry visa types. If you choose the visa type 3 months multiple entries, you can visit Vietnam and extend the stay till the third month.