March 11, 2020
Visa On Arrival

How You Can Apply For a Cheapest Vietnam Visa For Albanian?

Citizens of Albania must have a Vietnam visa to visit Vietnam. To apply for the Vietnam visa, you have two different options. One is applying for the visa at the embassy, and other is applying for a visa in the online method. Yes, online method for applying Vietnam visa is available for Albanian. Vietnam government permitted visa on arrival option, the complete online way to apply for a visa. With this option, you can apply for a cheapest Vietnam visa for Albanian within a cost-effective and time-saving way. All you need to know is, find the 100% risk-free travel agency website and apply for your Vietnam visa.

Cheapest Vietnam Visa for Albanian Procedure 

Found the 100% risk-free travel agency website? Then start applying for your cheapest Vietnam visa for Albanian with this guide!

Applying Procedure 1 – Making visa application online 

Firstly, at the travel agency website, click on to the “apply for visa.” It redirects to the page where you can apply for the Vietnam visa by filling the application. In fact, it is one of the important steps in the visa applying process. So, all the details you are there to mention should be accurate without any spelling issues, or typo. Here, you have to fill your,

  • citizenship
  • purpose of visit
  • visa type
  • the port of arrival
  • entry date
  • exit date

And finally, add on to the express service.

If you in need to visit Vietnam within days and certain time with cheapest Vietnam visa for Albanian, you can add on to the rush service. This charge you extra since the work for this will be quick difficult for the travel agency professionals. If it’s ok for you to get the visa approves within two working days, you can add on to “get visa approves letter after two days”. For this, the travel agency professional need two working days for processing excludes Sat, Sun & Holidays.”

Add On Rush Service for the Albanian

  • Get Visa Approval Letter By Tomorrow Evening– The travel agency professionals need eight working hours for processing, exclude Sat, Sun and Holidays.
  • Receive the Visa Approval Letter By Tomorrow Morning- It takes four working hours for processing, exclude Sat, Sun and Holidays.
  • Get Visa Approval Letter By Today Evening – The travel agency professionals need two working hours for processing, excluding Sat, Sun & Holidays.

Applying Procedure 2 – Recheck visa application 

Once you fill the first page of the application form to apply the cheapest Vietnam visa for Albanian, recheck the details you have filled, and ensure there is no typo or error. After then you have to pass on to the next page and attach the front passport page, scanned passport size photo and more. After then again, you have to cross-check all the details and make the payment for your visa type via debit or credit card to submit the application.

Photo Guide

Importance of Checking the Visa Applying Application 

Are you wondering why you have to cross-check the details again and again? Here the answer for you! If you submit the application with an error, spelling mistake or typo, it ends up cancelling your visa, or create some other problem once you enter Vietnam.

Yes, you have a way to edit the application after submitting it. But for this, you have to pay an additional charge. So to make sure the details that you fill in the application is right double-check the online form before you submit it.

Applying Procedure 3 – Collecting visa on arrival 

Based on your add on service, your cheapest Vietnam visa for Albanian will approve, and the visa approved letter will be sent to you via mail. Once you get the visa approval letter, you have to make it print and make the visa verification process successful. Also, you have to take two passport size photos for the verification process done at the immigration office at your destination international airport in Vietnam.

Once you reach you’re your destination airport, you have to fill the visa entry-exit application, and then with your passport size photo, and printed visa approval letter, you can present at the office desk at the airport. After the verification process, you have to pay the stamping fee and make your visa stamp on your passport and make the passport make ready to visit all the places in Vietnam and make a stay.

Vietnam Fast Track Service

Is this your first time to visit Vietnam? Or are you pregnant women? Or panic of the visa process at the airport because of the language issue? No need to panic with Vietnam fast track service in the Vietnam airport.

You have to apply for the fast track service at least two hours before you make travel. They will welcome you once you visit Vietnam airport, and complete all the visa process on the airport for you without making you stand in the line.