March 12, 2020
Visa On Arrival

Is Vietnam visa Mandatory For A Cameroon Citizen?

Cameroonians usually visit the country of Vietnam for various reasons. But, the most common reasons to travel to Vietnam is either on a business purpose or to spend vacations with family and friends. Vietnam is an adorable place, which attracts people from many parts of the world. Vietnam Visa for Cameroonian citizen is a must have to enter the boundaries of Vietnam. These days, applying for a Vietnam visa is not very difficult, with the advent of online traveling agencies.

How to apply for the cheapest Vietnam visa?

Most travelers who are businessmen and tourists wonder if they would require a Vietnam visa. The answer is ‘Yes,’ it is mandatory for a Cameroonian citizen to possess Vietnam Visa. There are two ways by which you can apply for a Vietnam visa for Cameroonian citizen. They are – (i) Applying through the Vietnam Embassy and (ii) Visa on Arrival for Cameroonian citizens.

(i) Applying through the Vietnam Embassy

Right now, there is no Vietnam embassy or any representative office located in Cameroon. So, to get the Vietnam visa, you must get in touch with the Vietnam embassy in the neighboring country. The nearest country to have a Vietnam embassy is, Nigeria. You can apply for Vietnam visa there. But, if you consider the processing time, wherein you had to travel twice or thrice for more than 400 km from Cameroon, it is better to pick up a visa online if you are traveling by air.

What are the available options to obtain Vietnam Visa through embassy?

  1. The traveler can apply through the nearest Vietnam embassy in person or
  2. Receive their Vietnam visa through post. This option will save a lot of time for the travelers, as they don’t have to present themselves at the embassies.

But whatever may be the options, the traveler will still have to get their Vietnam visas for Cameroonian citizen from the Vietnamese embassy.

(ii) Applying for Vietnam Visa on arrival

In this method, all a traveler has to do is to get a visa approval letter from the Vietnamese government and pick up the visa at any one of the International Airports of Vietnam. People who do not have enough time to visit the embassy or consulate to claim for a visa, can make use of the Visa on Arrival method at the click of an application.

Benefits of applying for Visa on Arrival

Nowadays, many travelers choose to apply for the Visa on arrival due to its effectiveness, reliability and simplicity. It is the quickest and affordable way for the air travelers to apply for a Vietnam visa.  The greatest advantage is, whatever your nationality is, and wherever you are, you can apply for a Vietnam visa online through any reliable visa processing agency.

How can a Cameroonian citizen apply for a Vietnam Visa on arrival?

To get entry into the country of Vietnam, you must work with a travel agency to secure the visa. But, make sure that the agency that you choose offer a 100%guarantee if in case your application gets declined by the government of Vietnam. Read through the following steps to apply for Vietnam Visa on arrival.

  1. Fill out the application form – This is the first step that needs to be done. Fill out the application form with all the appropriate information as mentioned in passport. Don’t miss to type in your required visa.
  2. Review and Make the Payment – Once after you have completed filling out the application form, review the information again. Cross-check thoroughly and then make the payment for the service fee. As any mistake made, can end-up in spending a lot of money again from your end.
  3. Visa Approval Letter – One will receive the visa approval letter to email, within two to three working days. Take a print of the required documents, and present it to the immigration officials at the landing visa counter.
  4. Get the Visa Stamped – Once when you present all these documents along with the Visa approval letter to the immigration officer at the VOA desk, they will verify your custom clearance and stamp on you visa. Along with this, a few other services like – fast track services and VIP services are also available in this visa type.

What are the important documents to carry?

  1. A Passport with a validity of 6 months from the date of entering the country
  2. Printed copy of the visa approval letter
  3. Duly filled in entry and exit forms.
  4. Two copies of passport size photographs of 4x9cm. Photo Guide.
  5. The Visa stamping fee in cash.

What is the Vietnam Visa Fee for the citizen of Cameroon?

The Vietnam visa stamping fee depends on the type of visa chosen. It is as follows – USD25 for one month single entry visa multiple entry visas!