February 6, 2020
Meet and Greet

Know the integral aspects of Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet

While travelling to Vietnam, the traveller needs to know that the Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet services. This service is specially for air travellers only. This means that Meet and greet services are not applicable for people who wish to come inside the country by crossing the border or through waterways, etc. You need to make sure that you are entering the country with a visa; otherwise, you will be exempted from entering the country.

Different types of Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet services

The Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet services have two categories, and they are Standard Meet and greet service and VIP Meet and greet service. When you register for standard Meet and greet service, you will be escorted by one of the members of this service, and then you will be guided through the process. And when you register for VIP Meet and greet service, you will be escorted by their member, and you will also get a porter who will take care of your belongings. He or she will get a stamp on your visa without spending much time at the immigration counter. He or she will carry your luggage and will drop you till the car service. And then you can proceed towards your hotel.

Who are eligible to avail Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet service?

The people who are eligible to avail of this service are communicated below.

Older ones

If you are visiting the country with your older parents, then you should enroll in this service. After a long hour for a journey, nobody would love to wait for long hours in the queue just for one stamp. The process becomes quite tiring, and because of this particular reason, many of them do not like to travel the country. But when you register for Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet service, you do not need to wait in the queue as once your flight lands; they will escort you to the immigration counter from where you will get your visa stamp and then you can proceed.

Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet Service when Travelling with kids

When you are travelling with kids, it becomes quite difficult to stand in the queue with kids. And if your flight arrives at midnight, when it’s sleeping time for the kids, then it becomes more difficult. That is why; you should avail of Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet services. It will help you in proceeding through the visa process within quite a short time, and you will also get your visa quickly.

For a meeting or a business proposal

If you are travelling the country to attend a meeting or for expanding your business or for renewal of a business agreement, then you will be visiting the country for a short span, and you do not need to spend much time in the visa process. In that case, you can register for Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet services. This service will help you in completing the process quickly, and you will be able to attend your meeting at the specified time. But you need to make sure that you are applying for this service before you have arrived in the country.

Travelling in a group

If you are travelling in a group, you know how much time you will need to get each of the visas stamped. In that case, if you register for the service, you will complete the process early. That is why; it is always recommended to avail of this service whenever you visit Vietnam. It will allow you to finish the process and to come out of the airport fast.

Departing thoughts

Stop thinking and pack your bags and head to Vietnam before your vacation period gets over. As the processing fee is also quite less so you do not need to spend much about getting your visa, and you will also be able to get your visa efficiently. There is no need to travel to the immigration centre and wait for months to get the visa. Hopefully, you will avail of this service when you are visiting the country next time.


Every year there are hundreds of travellers coming to Vietnam for jobs, employment or tourism purposes. The country has some mind-blowing beautiful landscapes and diverse culture.

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Vietnam is one of the most favorite destination for the travelers who love adventure and nature. But the actual beauty which is untouched till time lies in the Cam Ranh region of Vietnam.

Anyone who appreciates natural beauty and a spectacular blend of traditions and modernity will love the country of Vietnam. Vietnam is full of unique traditions, culture, cuisine and a long rich history which is reflected in its cities, pagodas, and mausoleums.

Vietnam is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in South East Asia. The beautiful golden beaches, winding deep rivers, Buddhist pagodas, mausoleums, and Vietnamese food and culture is worth a visit.

As Vietnam has many tourist spots to visit, every year many people visit Vietnam. Not only tourist people, the business people also organize many business meet at Vietnam.

Cam Ranh is one of the small cities in Vietnam. It is not much popular compared to other cities in Vietnam.

If you are planning to tour Vietnam, there are many things to consider. Vietnam visa is one of them.

To avoid the long queue at the Vietnam airport for getting your visa stamp is a kind of dream for a traveller. As nobody wants to wait for hours to get the visa stamp on their passport after a long and tiring flight.