February 3, 2020
Meet and Greet

What Can You Expect From the Best Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet Service Providers

Anyone who appreciates natural beauty and a spectacular blend of traditions and modernity will love the country of Vietnam. Vietnam is full of unique traditions, culture, cuisine and a long rich history which is reflected in its cities, pagodas, and mausoleums. If you are looking for a warm sunny beach for summer vacation, Vietnam is a perfect choice.

However, once you get the visa and land at the airport, you might face long lines at the immigrations, especially if you go during the holiday season. To avoid that, you can opt for the Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet.

What is Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet?

This is a service available to all the travellers entering or exiting Vietnam airport. It is designed to offer a quick transition to and from the airport without much hassle. If you opt for this service, you will be guided by an agent throughout the whole immigration process. Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet lets you save time and avoid the long lines at immigration.

What it offers

The Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet service is available to everyone but it is not obligatory. You can choose this service for your own convenience.

The service is available for both arriving and departing travellers. Once you apply for this service, you will be assisted by an agent at the airport. When you arrive, an agent will meet you and invite you in. he will help you through the immigration process quickly and hassle free. Your luggage will be carried by a porter so you can relax while the agent completes the immigration procedures and stamps.

If you opt for the Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet service while departing, you will receive assistance from an agent from the gate of the airport. He will meet you and take you through the check-in process quickly so you don’t have to stand and wait at the lines. You will be given luggage tags so you can have an easy landing. Once all the formalities are done, you can sit and wait for your flight without any worries.

The VIP service

There is a VIP meet and greet service also that comes with additional services. The agent will meet you at the airport and take care of the immigration formalities and your luggage. With the VIP service, you can request additional benefits like a vehicle, VIP lounge service etc which come at extra charge.

Who can apply for this?

Every traveller is free to apply for this service. This is an optional service that you can have to save time and energy.

However, it is recommended to first time travellers who are not accustomed to airport formalities, anyone who wants to save time, a businessman, or anyone travelling with elders, sick persons, children or pregnant women.

What are the perks?

There are many benefits to the Cam Ranh Airport Meet and Greet service. Firstly, it saves a lot of time and energy. You will be exhausted after a long flight journey, or simply be in a hurry. The lines at immigration can take hours whereas the meet and greet service can complete the formalities with 10-15 minutes, quick and hassle free.

Moreover, you get full assistance from an expert, experienced agent who can do the job efficiently while you can sit and relax. You will be receiving good treatment and guidance. Any confusion you have will be dealt with by the agent. Using an agent lessens the chance of any mistakes in the process and unfortunate delays.

Furthermore, it is very useful for patients, pregnant women, and elders. They don’t have to stand in line and be exhausted as the agent will do the work for them. You will also get full assistance with your luggage.

How to book it?

Booking the meet and greet service is very easy. You can book it online through a recognized agent. With the best meet and greet service providers, you will receive all these benefits and more. To book it, all you need is your visa. The best service provider will give you service according to your flight time.


Vietnam is one of the most sought-after tourist destinations in South East Asia. The beautiful golden beaches, winding deep rivers, Buddhist pagodas, mausoleums, and Vietnamese food and culture is worth a visit.

As Vietnam has many tourist spots to visit, every year many people visit Vietnam. Not only tourist people, the business people also organize many business meet at Vietnam.

Cam Ranh is one of the small cities in Vietnam. It is not much popular compared to other cities in Vietnam.

If you are planning to tour Vietnam, there are many things to consider. Vietnam visa is one of them.

To avoid the long queue at the Vietnam airport for getting your visa stamp is a kind of dream for a traveller. As nobody wants to wait for hours to get the visa stamp on their passport after a long and tiring flight.

All of us know how important a visa is to enter a foreign country but to get the visa it might take a long time. That is why the Vietnam immigration fast track in Cam Ranh Airport services is there to help you to get the visa when you are traveling to Vietnam.

Tourism in Vietnam is one of the most important sectors that is contributing to the country’s economy. In the year 2019, the country has received 18 million tourists throughout the year when compared to 2.