January 25, 2020
Vietnam e-visa

Procedures To Follow For Vietnam E-Visa For Bulgaria

If you have explored the European castles and medieval towns, you can try somewhere different for your next vacation. The South East Asia is vastly different from Europe in their culture, tradition, art, cuisine, topography and everything else. It is now a very popular destination and Vietnam is one of the finest choices in that region.

Vietnam is a coastal country by the shores of East Vietnam Sea. It is famous for its unique culture, traditions, exotic Vietnamese cuisines and of course its flora and fauna. You can explore the huge markets in the bustling cities; learn about their history and culture in mausoleums, French colonial landmarks, and Buddhist pagodas. If you want to experience nature, then you can explore the long deep rivers, lush green plain and the turquoise ocean.

Vietnam is now welcoming foreign tourists with wide arms. If you are a citizen of Bulgaria, you can avail the Vietnam e-visa for Bulgaria now.

What is Vietnam e-visa for Bulgaria?

Vietnam Government is trying to attract more foreign tourists. That is why they have become less strict with their policies. They have made available the e-visa service from February of 2017. It allows 80 eligible countries to apply for e-visa. Bulgaria is one of them.

Country list for Vietnam e-visa

E-visa or electronic visa is an online visa service. You can go to the Vietnam embassy in your country and apply for a visa. But that process is slow and complicated. You can skip the lines and get your visa quicker with the simple e-visa process. The e-visa service was launched for this very purpose. You can go the government website and fill up the form to apply for the Vietnam e-visa for Bulgaria.

The e-visa is a single entry visa that is valid for 30 days only. In order to extend your e-visa, you will have to contact a local travel agency and know the procedure or you will have to leave the country and reapply for e-visa again. It is however extendable with additional charges. The e-visa is perfect for tourists or businessmen who are visiting Vietnam for a short period of time.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa

What Is Needed To Apply

The application process for the Vietnam e-visa for Bulgaria is quite simple. You only need a few documents to fill out the form. It is suggested that you keep the documents ready so you can enter the correct details in the form. Before you visit Vietnam, be aware that any disrespect shown toward their culture or any breaking of law will be dealt with very harshly. So keep that in mind.

The documents you require are:

  • Your valid passport. Make sure your passport is valid for at least 6 months from the day of arrival in Vietnam. Your passport must have at least 2 blank pages for stamps from immigration and border officer.
  • You also need 2 passport size photos. 4×6 in size, white background, no glasses. Photo Guide.
  • You will have to enter your travel details also like your hotel booking details, flight tickets etc. It is wise therefore to plan your vacation early and be done with the bookings.
  • At last, you need a valid international debit/credit card. See Vietnam visa fees for update.

When you have got all of that, you can start filling up the form.

How to apply

The application process for Vietnam e-visa for Bulgaria takes only a few minutes. It is a very simple process. However, please be careful when entering the details. The e-visa is an important document that allows you to enter a country. Any wrong information in the visa could lead to serious trouble.

  • At first, enter your personal details. Enter your name, address, contact details like phone number, email id, gender, nationality, and date of birth (format DD/MM/YY) and all other details.
  • Next, the form will ask for passport details. Provide your passport number as it is in the passport. You also need to provide a digital scan of the personal information page on your passport.
  • Now provide your travel details. The date of arrival and departure, airport of arrival and departure, hotels and cities you’ll be staying in, the date duration of your stay and so on will be asked in the form. Enter them carefully.
  • Fill out all other information the form asks.

When you have finished, you can pay the application fees. You can pay through debit/credit card. PayPal account is also an available option.

Processing and Delivery

The processing and delivery process is much quicker compared to getting it from embassy. The speed and fees delivers on the processing speed you choose. There are 3 available speeds: standard, rush and super rush. Your Vietnam e-visa for Bulgaria should arrive within 1 week.

The e-visa will arrive via email in a Pdf file. Download and print it.

Upon arriving you need to produce the printed e-visa and passport and pay the stamp fees.

Things to note

Your children need their own e-visa whether they have their own passport or not.

Do some search to apply your e-visa at the government website https://xuatnhapcanh.gov.vn with the fee of $25 (non-refundable).

For fast & promptly support, you can apply for an e-visa through commercial website, remember to choose website with 100% money back guarantee policy if you are not satisfied.


All Bulgarian citizens need a visa to enter Vietnam. Luckily, it’s now so easy to get a visa for Vietnam for citizens of Bulgaria.