January 16, 2020
Airport Fast Track

Reasons You Should Choose Noi Bai Airport Fast Track Services

One of the most breathtaking parts of Vietnam is its northern side. There is the Halong Bay, and the mind-boggling natural sceneries of the Hanoi city. If you too want to explore all these sites to the fullest then you need to turn up at the No Bai airport. The reason is this particular airport is a major arrival point to the Hanoi city. But, don’t think that you can procure your Vietnam visa from the No Bai airport quite easily. On the contrary, this airport remains busy on the round-the-year basis with a lot of tourists arriving every year. If you are a bit reluctant in standing amongst the ample passengers in the long queues for hours, then don’t worry! With the Noi Bai Airport fast track service you can avoid this hassle quite easily.

A clear understanding of the Noi Bai Airport fast track

The Noi Bai Airport fast track service has been framed by keeping foreign travelers in mind. It helps the foreign travelers to obtain their visa without standing in the queues for hours. A team of visa professionals will be there at your service post your arrival at the airport. An amicable visa agent will be standing for you at the airport arrival terminal. Followed by this, he/she will take you all the way to the visa landing counter. All you need to do is submit a few of your basic documents. Some of these documents include your passport, visa approval letter, and 2 passport sized photographs. Your concerned visa agent will ask you to wait at the waiting lounge for some time. Meanwhile, your visa will get processed by your visa processing team.

The objective of the service of Noi Bai Airport fast track

The primary objective of the Noi Bai Airport fast track service is to provide you a hassle-free visa processing session. Most of the Vietnamese airports remain busy year around. Hence, you will see long queues before the visa landing counter with a flurry of passengers standing there. The Noi Bai Airport fast track service has been framed based on this particular issue. Especially, when it comes to elderly people, they can’t afford to stand in the long queues for hours. People with small kids or pregnancy issues may also find it slightly tiresome to stand in the long lines for hours. Besides, this particular service frees you from encountering these kinds of hassles which you may find somewhat exasperating at times.

Get the provision of a porter and car booking service

There are chiefly two types of services comprising the Noi Bai Airport fast track service. The first one is the fast track service and the second one is the VIP fast track service. If you have opted for the VIP Noi Bai Airport fast track service, then get ready to be treated like VIP. With this particular service, you will get the provision of both a porter and a private car. An amicable porter will meet you at the arrival point of the airport. No need to carry the heavy luggage all by yourself. Your concerned porter will carry the entire luggage all the way till the waiting lounge. Then he or she will take complete care of your luggage and other belongings on your behalf.

So, you can be completely stress-free about the safety and protection of your luggage while undergoing your visa processing session. Moreover, you will also get the facility of a private car waiting for you outside the airport arrival terminal. An amicable driver will be waiting inside the car for you. No matter which part of the Hanoi city you want to explore, your driver can take you anywhere according to your personal choice. Remember, you will get the privilege of a car traveling session only if you have booked one.

No standing in the line

This is one of the biggest reasons for which you should choose the Noi Bai Airport fast track service. Remember, that you need to book this while booking for your visa on arrival service. After you will turn up at the airport you might get daunted by the sight of a flurry of passengers standing in long queues. But no need to stand in the long lines similarly like the rest of the passengers. A team of visa professionals will be there at your service. Since this an online service, you will be updated about the date and time of your flight arrival from time to time. You will get matchless assistance during your entire visa processing session. Moreover, the entire procedure will get over within a really short time-frame. So, you will get your visa processed that also without standing in the long lines for hours.

Final note

Hence, why are you waiting any longer? Opt for the Noi Bai Airport fast track service right now and explore the whole of northern Vietnam to the fullest.


Vietnam is a country which is known for its rich diversity. The country receives a lot of visitors every year.

So you are planning to visit north part of Vietnam. There is nothing wrong in visiting any part of Vietnam.

The Noi Bai Airport is one of the biggest airport of Vietnam. And it also serves the capital city of Vietnam which further welcomes many travelers around the globe daily.

Noi Bai airport is the most significant international airport in northern Vietnam, and it is 45km away from the city center. Terminal 1is for operating domestic flights and Terminal 2 opened in 2014 for International flights.

Well, when it comes to exploring Vietnam, its northern part offers you the finest array of natural beauties. Wondering how to get there? Well, you can do that quite easily by booking a flight all the way to No Bai.

Are you travelling to Hanoi? If yes, then you will definitely get down in Noi Bai International airport. The Noi Bai airport is the second busiest airport in Vietnam.

Vietnam receives a lot of visitors throughout the year. By looking at the tourists the country receives; the Immigration centre of Vietnam has decided to come up with a new system that is Noi Bai Airport fast track.