January 16, 2020
Visa Fast Track

Things You Should Consider While Opting for Vietnam Visa Fast Track in Noi Bai Airport

Vietnam is a country which is known for its rich diversity. The country receives a lot of visitors every year. And the number of tourists is increasing day by day. Because of the welcoming ambiance of the country, it has helped in attracting more number of people. The Halong Bay which is situated in the northern part of Vietnam is considered to be one of the best places to be visited. But to visit the country you need to have a visa since without a visa you are not allowed to visit the country. To get the visa, you can opt for the Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport services.

These services will help you to get the visa easily. But to get the visa quickly you need to first register for the service. You can also get the visa from the counters that are installed at the airport but this will consume a lot of your time. You need to stand in the queue and wait for your turn. But if you register for the Vietnam visa fast track services then there is no chance of facing any difficulty. They will be there to assist you throughout the process.

How to apply for Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport services?

  • For the Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport services, you need to first apply online with an approval letter. The time for approving the letter will take 1-2 working days. And in case of urgent processing, this will at least take 8 working hours.
  • After the letter has been received by you, take a printout of the letter. Along with that take 2 passport size photos as well as your passport.
  • After that, you need to clear the amount that is required to get the stamp on the visa. Make sure you clear the amount before availing the service.
  • It is important for you to collect all the details and keep them in one file so that it is easier for you to present during the visa approval. In this way, the visa approval process will also get completed in a short span of time.

Why should a traveler select for the Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport services?

As there are many ways to get a visa which are e-visa, a visa, which you get through the immigration process and also visa-on-arrival. But Vietnam visa fast track services is known to be quite popular because of the advantages that it provides. The advantages of the Vietnam visa fast track services are listed below.

1. Low cost

Compared to any other visa process, the Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport service is cheaper. You just need to pay a processing fee when you are registering for their service.

2. Faster

The Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport is quite faster. In case of an emergency, you can definitely opt for the service and you will get the approval in less than 3 hours. That is why it has been quite helpful for businessmen who need to travel within a short period.

3. Convenient

The most important advantage of availing the Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport is you will be able to register for the process online. There is no need to send the hardcopy of your passport or any documents.

Important facts to be remembered while applying for Vietnam visa fast track in Noi Bai Airport services

  • The Vietnam visa fast track services is available for those who are arriving in the country through airways.
  • The passport needs to be valid for 6 months during the approval of the visa.
  • If your children are traveling with you make sure that you are carrying their passport as well.
  • You and your family members should also carry two passport size photos.
  • You also need to clear the processing fee through an online mode so that the process becomes easier for you after landing in the country.
  • Make sure that there is no mistake when you are sending the details through the email. And you also need to ensure that you are providing the right flight details.
  • In case you are providing the wrong details, then it will be difficult for you as well as for them to track you. If there are any changes in your flight make sure you are updating them about it.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the things that will help you in availing the Vietnam visa fast track services. Hope to see you avail this service when you visit the country next time.


One of the most breathtaking parts of Vietnam is its northern side. There is the Halong Bay, and the mind-boggling natural sceneries of the Hanoi city.

So you are planning to visit north part of Vietnam. There is nothing wrong in visiting any part of Vietnam.

The Noi Bai Airport is one of the biggest airport of Vietnam. And it also serves the capital city of Vietnam which further welcomes many travelers around the globe daily.

Noi Bai airport is the most significant international airport in northern Vietnam, and it is 45km away from the city center. Terminal 1is for operating domestic flights and Terminal 2 opened in 2014 for International flights.

Well, when it comes to exploring Vietnam, its northern part offers you the finest array of natural beauties. Wondering how to get there? Well, you can do that quite easily by booking a flight all the way to No Bai.

Are you travelling to Hanoi? If yes, then you will definitely get down in Noi Bai International airport. The Noi Bai airport is the second busiest airport in Vietnam.

Vietnam receives a lot of visitors throughout the year. By looking at the tourists the country receives; the Immigration centre of Vietnam has decided to come up with a new system that is Noi Bai Airport fast track.