May 22, 2020
Visa tips

Steps to apply Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand Citizens

  • Open the official website for Vietnam e-visa application
  • After that, attach images of your passport size photo (Photo guide) and passport data page (Sample for passport’s bio page)
  • Enter all necessary information from passport data page
  • Then, enter all necessary information related to the tour
  • Pay e-visa fee
  • Also, save the number after receiving the registration code to check the application status and download the e-visa later on

So, once you apply for Vietnam e-visa for New Zealand online, the immigration department of Vietnam reviews it. After that, when they approve it, it is sent to the email address of the applicant. However, it is necessary to provide all the above informations correctly otherwise the process may get delayed. In some cases, the authorities might reject the application. Hence, one should apply at least a week before visiting the country.

List-of-port that accept for e-visa – Please note that you are only allowed to enter Vietnam from the port you have designated.


The following are the requirements for New Zealand citizens need to fulfill for Vietnam e-visa. A six months valid passport with 2 blank pages.

Vietnam e-visa system allows New Zealanders to apply for a visa online within minutes without going to the embassy. New Zealand citizens can apply for Vietnam e-visa, get it approved and delivered at their email address.

E-visa or electronic visa, is a document issued by the Vietnam Immigration Department to foreigners who wish to visit Vietnam. But, E-visa is applicable for only 80 countries and not for all the foreigners.

There are three options to get a visa to enter Vietnam, including the embassy, visa on arrival, and E-visa. Of course, we all know applying through embassy is long process and it consumes a lot of time.

New Zealand citizens who need to enter Vietnam multiple times and stay in the country for more than one month should consider getting the Visa on Arrival. Unlike the e-visa, which is only a single-entry visa, the Visa on Arrival will let you enter Vietnam multiple times and stay there for up to 90 days.

When e-visa is approved, New Zealand Passport Holders will receive instructions on your email on how you can download the e-visa. Follow the instructions and print a copy of the visa to bring on your trip.

If applying for an e-visa at the government website